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Senior Rebecca Kaspar Designs PVHS 80th Anniversary Logo

b Chelsea Nakhleh' 21

10 March 2021

Senior Rebecca Kaspar’s logo design representing Passaic Valley's 80th anniversary was chosen by students in a school-wide contest.Rebecca Kaspar's first design

Ms. Lori Demsey’s five Graphic Design classes, which include about ninety students, participated in the project to create an 80th Anniversary logo. Each student created two designs. To create a logo, students acquired extensive knowledge in both graphic design and Photoshop. It took a little over a month to fully complete the lessons and tasks necessary. Students participated in typography tutorials that helped them add text to the logo. At the beginning of this project, they created their own simple designs and with each lesson they added more to it for a finished product. “There's many steps involved with graphic design,’’ explained Ms. Demsey. “It was a pretty long process. The graphic design students worked really hard, they took that one design and kept building on it. People don’t realize how much work goes into it.” 

Kaspar was able to finish her logo with hard work and persistence throughout the design process. “The design for my logo was achieved through a lot of trial and error. I didn’t start working on it with a set idea in mind,” Kaspar explained. “I played around with many different ideas until I finally reached one that seemed to work.“Rebecca Kaspar's second design.

The logo, which contains the iconic PV Hornet, also includes the years 1940 and 2020, to represent the eighty years Passaic Valley has been serving the tri-borough community. 

After Ms. Demsey and fellow art teacher Ms. Corine Czepiel sorted through one hundred and eighty final logos, they forwarded the twenty best designs to Superintendent Dr. JoAnn Cardillo and administration. The student body was able to vote on which design they felt best encapsulated the PV spirit. Kaspar’s design came away with the most votes. “When I received the comment from Ms. Demsey saying that my logo was selected, I was thrilled. There were many amazing logos created by my fellow classmates, and it’s such a joy that out of so many astounding options the administration chose mine,” said Kaspar. “I really appreciate this huge honor.” Rebecca Kaspar's design

Ms. Demsey and the Art Department have been planning how to honor PV’s anniversary since October of 2019. “The idea started last year when we had the door decorating contest. Dr. Cardillo approached me and asked how the art classes can help celebrate PV’s 80th anniversary,” explained Ms. Demsey. “We came up with the idea of having students design a logo for it. Dr. Cardillo was really supportive of the project; it really came together with her help.”

Dr. Cardillo is extremely proud of all the designs created to honor PV’s anniversary. “There were so many beautiful designs that came from Ms. Demsey's classes but Rebecca's stood among them all because it best captured the spirit of the pride and tradition that is PV,” explained Dr. Cardillo. “I am so pleased with the work that was done on this special project.”

PV 80th Anniversary T-shirt Ms. Demsey is especially proud of Kaspar and all her students who created designs for the project. “It was such a great project for the students, because we were using real graphic design and showing them these skills that are being applied to social media and t-shirts. It's going to be represented for years to come and Rebecca's name is going to be attached to that, explained Ms. Demsey.“It's a great honor for a student to do something professional, it came from a student who learned these skills at PV.”

Kaspar’s design will be showcased on Passaic Valley 80th Anniversary banners and t-shirts. Community members will be able to see some of the other great designs at this year's Art Show.