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Mrs. Charlotte Terpak Completes 41st Year of Service to the Community

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Valley Echo Staff
15 June 2021

With the end of the 2020-2021 school year, Administrative Assistant Mrs. Charlotte Terpak will complete her 41st year working at Passaic Valley. Her dedication to the students, fellow staff members, and the community has come to personify what it means to be a Hornet.Mrs. Charlotte Terpack; photo credit: Carissa Canzona

Mrs. Terpak began her career at Passaic Valley in 1973, working as an aide in the library. She worked in this position for 18 until she unfortunately was let go due to budget cuts in 1991. However, when an opening in the Main Office became available, Mrs. Terpak returned to Passaic Valley. Mrs. Terpak's longest-held position was working as an administrative assistant for 21 years to Assistant Principal/Discipline Mr. David Settembre. Mrs. Terpak returned to the Main Office at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year.

Mrs. Terpak has always been able to forge positive relationships with students. "The students are very respectful. For the many years that I've worked here, I never, ever had a problem with a student," said Mrs. Terpak. "I have a good rapport with the students and that's why I like my job."

Mr. Settembre describes Mrs. Terpak as a "PV legend" and is tremendously grateful for the time they spent working together. "The kids love her! She has given a lifetime of dedication to the Green and White," said Mr. Settembre. "She is one of the reasons it is never just another day here. She makes it a great day to be a Hornet."

In her tenure at Passaic Valley, Mrs. Terpak has had the rewarding opportunity to watch her three sons attend and graduate from the school. In her view, the biggest change from when she started in 1973 is in the size of the student body. About 2,300 students attended Passaic Valley back then. Yet, though the faces may have changed, the relationships have not. "The most rewarding aspect of my time here is the respect I have received from the staff and the students. I worked closely with students in the Discipline Office and I had a wonderful boss," said Mrs. Terpak. "I respected them and they respected me. That's what I still have in my mind and they're still that way."

The Valley Echo and the Passaic Valley thank Mrs. Terpak for the wonderful work she continues to do serving the Passaic Valley community.