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Superintendent Dr. JoAnn Cardillo Retires After 40 Years in Education

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Chelsea Nakleh '21

18 June 2021

Dr. JoAnn Cardillo announced her retirement from Passaic Valley after an impressive 40-year career in education. Dr. Cardillo taught elementary education for twenty-two years before her role as an administrator for eighteen years.

Dr. Cardillo has had an impressive 40 year career. Working in the Paterson Public Schools prior to her arrival at Passaic Valley, she has been a teacher, director, vice principal, principal, and executive director before taking the role of Passaic Valley Superintendent.

Dr. Cardillo made history as the first female Superintendent at Passaic Valley. “My response to the challenges came from a unique female perspective, which was often to the benefit of the school district,” explained Dr. Cardillo. “In the times that we are now, having a woman's voice at the table is so important in terms of leadership.”

Those who worked closely with Dr. Cardillo throughout her time at Passaic Valley have learned a lot from her professionally. "Dr. Cardillo's mentorship as a supervisor and as a friend will always remain with me," said Administrative Assistant Ms. Rae Allex. "I learned so many remarkable qualities from observing her."

Dr. Cardillo is looking forward to the next phase in her life and career. “I am looking forward to new challenges in that this for me is a formal retirement from a career that went 40 years,'' stated Dr. Cardillo. “I want to continue to do some sort of work in education. I'm trusting that it will evolve into a project or opportunity.”

After working with students in almost every capacity throughout her career, Dr. Cardillo will miss them most in retirement. “Every decision that's been made since 2015 has been made with all of the students in my head, and that for me is my legacy,” explained Dr. Cardillo. 

Dr. Cardillo cherishes the past six years as PV’s Superintendent and is excited to embark on a new journey. “I wish everyone well as PV moves into the future,” said Dr. Cardillo.