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Passaic Valley Regional High School Is Off to a Fresh Start

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Rae Allex
21 September 2021

There are some new faces on campus as classes resume in-person this fall. Passaic Valley High School welcomes new Superintendent, Mr. Bracken Healy, and Vice Principal Ms. Krista Voorhis to their administrative team.From left to right:  Mr. Colin Monahan, Superintendent Mr. Bracken Healy, and Vice Principal Ms. Krista Voorhis

Mr. Healy has been in education for 14 years. He started his career as an English teacher at Bloomfield Tech High School and then moved to Clifton Public Schools, where he served as an administrator for eight years. His last position was Principal of Woodrow Wilson Middle School, which houses just over 1,300 students and 200 staff members. Prior to becoming an administrator, he coached three varsity sports (hockey, baseball, and soccer), bringing to PV a leadership style that is centered around teamwork, communication, and strong rapport. Look for him at our academic and athletic events and make sure to say hello!

Ms.Voorhis is a PV Class of 1999 alumna. Before choosing education she pushed towards a career in the arts. “I moved into Art Education because of the phenomenal guidance and exposure I had at PV,” said Ms. Voorhis. “It was the teachers that had such a big impact on me choosing teaching over art school.” Students walking into Passaic Valley High School for the 2021-22 school year; photo credit: Rae Allex

Voorhis is a proud Montclair State University graduate. She started her career in education 18 years ago as a Fine Arts teacher at Montclair High School and shortly after moved into an administrative role at Montclair. Prior to taking the Vice Principal position at Passaic Valley she was a Vice Principal at Palisades Park Junior Senior High School for three years. She is very excited to “come home to PV” and work closely with the students and staff to make sure they feel supported on their personal/professional journeys. “Growing up in Totowa and having two young children in the local school system, I am fully invested in the success of our district,” Ms. Voorhis said.

This team of leaders is setting a positive tone for the 2021-22 school year. “I am extremely excited to be joining such a talented and dedicated group of individuals,” Mr. Healy said. “In my first few months, I plan on listening and learning as much as I can about our school community. I know I am going to discover a lot of untapped potential that can help elevate this district to new heights. Our future is bright!”

Passaic Valley's administrative team; photo credit: Rae AllexAlong with PV administrators and teaching staff, Mr. Healy and Ms. Voorhis’s main goal is to safely integrate all of Passaic Valley’s students back into a fulltime in-person learning state. The Leadership Team has been very clear on their expectations and communicates frequently with the entire school community, trying to anticipate any questions or concerns. “We recognize that PV has a strong foundation and there is deep history and tradition rooted in our school and community, but we are also very much about evolution and moving things forward,” explains Ms. Voorhis. “One benefit of [Bracken] and I working together is that we are great listeners and come from two totally different backgrounds, giving us a broad perspective on what can work here at PV.” 

Over the last month, PV has launched the Realtime Link Mobile App (a mobile version of the student/parent portal) and completely revamped the Griswold Gym floor. Mr. Healy is continually working closely with the Building and Grounds crew to paint, clean and brighten up the building. There are some big plans and new initiatives on the horizon. A new turf field is coming and we are currently working on a 1-to-1 laptop initiative. It is an exciting time to be a Hornet!