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PVTV Member Ava Mania Joins the Valley Echo Team

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Gabrielle Lim '23
8 October 2021

Sophomore Ava Mania joined the Valley Echo team this year, bringing her strong work ethic to the publication. As a newcomer to journalism, Mania possesses the ambition to report about school events and on the achievements of her fellow students. With her leadership, sociable personality, and motivation, she has a drive for connecting with Passaic Valley students and administration.Ava Mania (left); property of Ava Mania

By joining Passaic Valley Television (PVTV) and the Valley Echo this year, Mania started pursuing her passion for a career in political journalism by discussing the concerns of her peers. “I wanted to come and see how [journalism] agrees with me and so far I really love this course," said Mania. "I’m excited to finally start writing!”

With admiration for Passaic Valley’s administration and teachers, Mania wants to bring her voice to the page and screen to ensure that the voices of her peers are heard. “I want to shed light on the kids that don't have a specific niche at school, who still positively contribute to this community at Passaic Valley,” Mania said.

Mania's prior experiences include her previous academic classes as well as English II Honors. As a new student to journalism, Mania is eager to learn all the things the subject has to offer. “I hope to learn just how to be a journalist, how to write like one more importantly,“ said Mania. Mania maintains high standards for herself and strives to be a high academic achiever. 

Despite spending half her 8th grade and entire freshman year in virtual school, Mania deftly integrated back into in-class learning with her peers and teachers. Mania makes an honest effort to put herself out there and assumes roles to help others. She has no qualms assuming leadership positions and looks forward to contributing her skills to the Valley Echo team.