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Junior Gabrielle Lim Brings Her Own Writing Style to the Valley Echo

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Daren Lomuti '24
8 October 2021

Gabby Lim (right); property of Gabby LimJunior Gabrielle Lim joined the Valley Echo staff this year, offering her past experience in journalism to the team. She hopes to add her own unique voice to the paper and inspire more students to write.

Lim recently transferred to Passaic Valley from County Prep High school in Jersey City. Although she is new to the school, Lim is prepared for the commitments of journalism, which require her to become acquainted and ingrained in her new school community quickly. “I love talking. I also like to get to know a lot of new people. I like to hear about them and their day,” Lim said.

Lim has writing experience as a reporter for County Prep’s school newspaper. Lim also has a passion for creative writing, with aspirations of being published one day. “I want people to hear my perspective, so writing a book is something I really want to do,” She explained.

Lim is interested in joining PVTV and being inducted into various honor societies. “I want to pursue production and film," said Lim. "Being in PVTV would definitely be great for my resume and I can get great experience."

Lim plans to expand the Journalism class and inspire more students to write. “I want to find articles, maybe there's a new section we can open up. We can get more students to become active in journalism,” Lim said. Lim is ready to take a leadership role and help guide her classmates through the writing process.