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Sophomore Daren Lomuti Prepares for His Journalism Debut

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Abigail Kosch '24
8 October 2021

Sophomore Daren Lomuti is excited to be making his debut as a journalist for the Valley Echo during the 2021-2022 school year. Ready to contribute a unique perspective, Lomuti is looking forward to growing his love for writing and informing the Passaic Valley community.

Daren Lomuti; property of Daren LomutiWith a passion for film and writing, Lomuti is interested in learning more about journalism and deciding if journalism is the career path he wants to take after graduation. “It definitely will help me learn what I’m getting prepared for,” said Lomuti. “It’s really important to know what you’re getting yourself into. So I think this will prepare me if I do end up pursuing [journalism].”

Lomuti took a journalism course in middle school and knew that throughout his time at PV he would want to continue with a journalism course or do something similar. Although Lomuti prefers writing in a creative format, he hopes to expand his writing skills in a more structured environment. He also hopes to write more serious pieces, something he enjoys reading in other publications. 

Lomuti is also considering taking a path in the video media field. “Acting is something that I do possibly want to do,” said Lomuti. “I took an acting course for a few months, and that was also really inspiring. However, recently I’ve been leaning towards being more behind the camera instead of in front of it.”

Lomuti cannot wait to produce news for the staff, students and families of Passaic Valley. He is thrilled to be part of the Valley Echo staff. Lomuti is ready to work together alongside his three fellow reporters and produce informative pieces for the PV community. “Everyone’s so unique when it comes to writing so no matter who comes in here it’s going to be something new,” said Lomuti.