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Community Helps Anthony Englehardt Fight Cancer

Valley Echo

Ahmad Mubarak'17
24 February 2017

In times of need, Hornet faculty and students come together and provide help and support. For one student,  sophomore Anthony Englehardt, that time of need is now. Anthony  was  diagnosed with Advanced Stage IV-B Hodgkin's Lymphoma back in December. In an effort to alleviate the burden of medical bills and other expenses for the Englehardt family, PV and other institutions in the community have been sponsoring Mr. Anthony O'Hara and his students displaying some Team Anthony t-shirts; Photo credit: Ahmad Mubarak fundraising efforts in Anthony's name.

These efforts include selling "Team Anthony" t-shirts, co-hosting a pasta dinner benefit with the Little Falls Fire Department, and donating the proceeds of the annual Student-Faculty Volleyball Game to the Englehardt family.

For those who want to contribute to this worthy cause, t-shirts are still available and Anthony's campaign is still accepting donations.

WHen they heard the diagnosis, friends and students immediatley took action. The goal was set at $15,000 which the campaign reached  within a month.  Total donations continue to grow. The family is still accepting donations and any further contributions will be greatly appreciated.

Anthony is a passionate lacrosse player and snowboarder interested in pursuing both passions after high school. Furthermore, Anthony has passion for helping others, volunteering with the Little Falls Fire Department. Now, Anthony needs the same aid he willingly gives others.

To further assist  Anthony's fight, several faculty members have offered their help. Mr. Anthony O'Hara, Anthony's lacrosse coach, and Mrs. Daria Leidig and the Interact Club, started selling t-shirts for Anthony. Emblazoned on the front and back of the shirts is Anthony's lacrosse jersey number twenty-five, with "Team Anthony" written above. 

The t-shirt idea came from a friend of the Englehardt family, Mrs. Wilma Defrancisci, who owns a buisness in Little Falls dealing with Silk Screen Designs.

"As soon as we heard that one of our student's was in need we knew we had to help in anyway we could," stated Mrs. Leidig. 

The amount of help and support given to the Englehardt family in such a quick period of time is incredibly impressive and speaks to PV Pride. "The school staff and students have responded well to the t-shirt sale, as denoted by the sheer number of orders. It's great how everyone has rallied around Anthony and his family. It shows true love and support for our fellow Hornets," Mr. O'Hara commented.

To date, the amount of money raised during the t-shirt sale is over $1,500. To order a "Team Anthony" shirt, please contact Mr. O'Hara or Mrs. Leidig.

The administration declared Friday, February 24th, Team Anthony PV staff takes a group photo during Team Anthony Day Day. PV staff were encouraged to dress down and wear their Team Anthony apparel. This display of solidarity towards a worthy cause was an awe-inspiring moment .

On March 18th, at  St. George Church in Little Falls, the Little Falls Fire Department will be hosting a Pasta Dinner benefit in support of Anthony. Tickets sold out quickly, further displaying the community's compassion.

On April 4th, the Interact Club and the Student Senate will hold their annual Student-Staff Volleyball Game. This year all money raised will be donated to Anthony's family. Tickets for the event will be available soon and will be sold at the door, provided space remains. Students and staff are encouraged to participate. For more information, contact Mrs. Leidig or Mrs. Cheryl Grande.

It's times like these when love and support can make a big difference in someone's life. Lets all help Anthony fight cancer together.