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G & H Students Take Trip to U.S Holocaust Memorial Museum

Valley Echo

Brendan Hout '17
1 March, 2017

U.S Holocaust Memorial Museum as seen from front entrance ; photo credit Rachel Mele On February 24, Mr. Timothy Donnelly took his Holocaust and Genocide students to the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. The museum serves as a historical reminder of the suffering and pain that the victims of the genocide experienced during the Second World War. It is essentially a living memorial to the Holocaust, with numerous artifacts, photographs, videos, and testimony from Holocaust survivors.

“The most important and informative thing for the kids to see at the museum were the survivors. Survivors bring this history alive in a way that a textbook could not,” Mr. Donnelly states.

Many students shared this feeling. Anthony Murphy ’17 said, “The trip was really fascinating and taught me even more than the textbooks. There is so much information throughout the entire museum." This field trip helped the students better understand the Holocaust in a way that that being in a classroom many years after the horrific event would not be able to do.

One student was noticeably touched by his experience at the museum. “I really found the museum to be informative. It was just heartbreaking to see the photos and videos of innocent people suffering. I could not imagine the suffering that these people endured. This experience definitely made an impact on me and I learned a lot from this trip,” commented Chris Martinez ’17.