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Chris Krusberg: The Man Behind The Camera

Valley Echo Vincenzo Brigati '18
17 March 2017

Chris on one of his wedding shoots; property of Chris Krusberg Maybe you have seen his work on social media or in this year's Valley Echo articles: Chris Krusberg '18  is the man behind the camera. Just this past October, Chris’s photography career began with a spark of inspiration from his father, who has been a professional photographer for the past 25 years.

Growing up, Chris watched his father work and was very interested. When he was old enough, his father asked him to be his second cameraman for a wedding shoot. Since this was his first time taking photos of something that would last a lifetime, Chris said he was extremely stressed but pushed through it and had so much fun.

After the wedding, Chris just wanted to keep taking pictures. His father started to give him challenges to work on his photography skills. He continued his passion for photography in high school by taking Dan Lapinski scoring a goal against Paramus Catholic classes. Photography teachers, Ms. Melanie Vasa and Ms. Lori Demsey, helped Chris improve his techniques and skills in the classroom. 

His incredible work did not go unnoticed. “I don’t feel like my career started until I received an email from Mr. Anthony Meluso, IT Director, saying that the school needed pictures for the new website,” said Chris.

Realizing this could be a great opportunity, he asked his father if he could borrow some of his equipment, then headed down to one of the basketball games. Later that week, he started to see his photos on social media.

Chris continued to take pictures of athletics for the school, but his biggest challenge so far was Girls’ Show. “It was one of the biggest events yet, but I had a great time and then later that week I started seeing my pictures all over Dylan Mulroony shooting from mid range against High Point the place and I was so happy that my work was getting out there for everyone to see."

While providing the Valley Echo with stunning photos, Chris still works with his dad on the side. “A couple of weeks ago, my father and I went to  shoot at a wedding... there were a bunch of famous people there... I got to meet a bunch of Giants players- Jason Pierre-Paul, Justin Pue and many more, ” a smiling Chris stated.

Chris has his own website and would like anyone who uses his photos to give him credit and know that he is very thankful to his father, Ms. Demsey, and Ms. Vasa for how much he has grown as a photographer.