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PV Green Scene: S.T.E.A.M. Develops a Green Thumb

valley echo Christel Seyrafi '17
5 April 2017

The S.T.E.A.M group has begun their ambitious Green Scene project. Students and faculty are coming together to plant a variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers in the rarely utilized courtyard.

Teachers of Math, Science, English, Culinary and Art departments supervise the Green Scene project, where participants volunteer to pitch in and use their specific skills to contribute towards its completion. The purpose of the project is to convert the whole courtyard area into a functional, sustainable garden space for school use. The Green Scene also plans to plant flowers around the building for decoration.

One of the pots created by ceramics students; photo credit:  PV Green Scene Instagram Participating students have all done their part in helping the project come to fruition. Mr. Meineke’s ceramics classes teamed up to create different sized pots and watering tools for the vegetables, fruits and flowers. These plants will be moved back and forth from the courtyard and the building as the seasons change. 

With the creation of the Green Scene project, the group hopes to help educate students in how to live more sustainably. Ideally, the courtyard will serve as a metaphor for students so they may learn from the garden and turn it into a lifestyle to improve the relationship future generations can have with the environment.