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Student/Faculty Volleyball Game Serves as More than Just Entertainment

Valley Echo Franchesca Livraghi '18
6 April 2017

The Student vs. Faculty Volleyball Game was held on Tuesday April 4, 2017 in the Gris Gym. The annual charity event was extra special this year as the proceeds went to help Anthony Englehardt's '19 battle with cancer.


Clark and Ottino high-five; photo credit: Chris Krusberg

Student/Faculty Volleyball Game Gallery


Students and faculty played ten games against each other. Each grade played each other grade and then against the faculty team. Games went up to fifteen points, but teams needed to win by two points.

The scores were: Freshmen vs. Faculty 15-7, Sophomores vs. Juniors 17-15, Faculty vs. Juniors 17-15, Seniors vs. Sophomores 9-15, Sophomores vs. Freshmen 15-3, Seniors vs. Juniors 15-11, Faculty vs. Sophomores 18-16, Freshmen vs. Seniors 13-15, Freshman vs. Juniors 8-15, and Faculty vs. Seniors 21-17.

The winner wasn't chosen by how many games were won but by total points. The overall winner was the Sophomore team, scoring a total of 63 points. Furthermore, the final game (Seniors/Faculty) was extended to 21 points due to its special significance. The six additional points the faculty scored in this game were not counted in the overall point tally.

A total of $700 raised by the Student Senate and the Interact Club. All of the money went towards helping defray medical costs for Anthony Englehardt and his family.

Take a look at more of the action by clicking on the link above. All photos were taken by Chris Krusberg '18. You can see more of the game and more of his work at his website.