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Cat Bennett Scores 100th Career Lax Goal

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Mia Herrera '19
22 May 2018 

Before May 4, 2018, only one female PV athlete had achieved her 100th career goal in lacrosse, until Catherine Bennett '19 became the second. Bennett got her 100th goal in an away game against West Milford.  Bennett has been playing lacrosse for four years altogether and joined the Girl's Lacrosse varsity team in her freshman year. She’s achieved so much in lacrosse during three short years at Passaic Valley, leading her to make a captain this year along with Mariah Tovar '18 and Emily Hyde '19.

Cat Bennett honored for her 100th goal; photo credit: Ms. Demsey Photo Gallery of Cat Bennett & Lax Team

Varsity Lacrosse Coach Lori Demsey never doubted Bennett’s ability, “When she stepped onto the field [freshman year], I knew this kid could play and be a game changer.” Demsey knew Bennett would be netting tons of goals and looked forward to what Bennett could achieve.

Before the game against West Milford, Bennett was nervous because her father wouldn’t be able to make it to the game. Bennett’s nerves disappeared shortly before the game when her dad texted her and told her to “Go get it”.

Bennet believes achieving her 100th goal and becoming captain of the lacrosse team (both during her junior year) are her two biggest sports accomplishments. Bennet was beyond happy and thankful when she got the position of co-captain along with Tovar and Hyde. Bennett worked incredibly hard for the spot of captain, and really looked forward to taking on the position of a role model for the younger girls on the team.

Jennifer Sabbak, a former captain from the Class of 2017 was the first female player to reach 100 career lacrosse goals. Sabbak ended her PV lacrosse career with 121 goals, PV's current record. Bennett now looks to beat Sabbak's mark. Bennett currently has 112 goals with still her senior year to add to the tally. 

Bennett believes Sabbak’s achievement definitely set a high bar and helped motivate her. Demsey believes Bennett scoring Cat Bennett, photocredit: Demsey 100 career goals gives the younger players the drive to strive to be like Cat.

Bennet learned how to understand plays and perfect her skills from former captains. They’ve also helped her better work as a team to reach a common goal. As for this year, being able to work alongside Tovar helped tremendously, because Bennet looks up to her as an older sister and has great chemistry on the field with her.

Demsey describes Bennett as passionate, driven, hardworking and determined. Her love for the game shows through on and off the field. As a captain, Bennett definitely lives by the girl's lacrosse team motto "Teamwork, dedication, and desire." Demsey believes if Bennett lives by those words then great things will come to her for the rest of her life.

When Bennett first arrived at Passaic Valley she had no expectations of having such a successful lacrosse career. By the end of last year's lacrosse season, Bennett realized she had accumulated 55 goals. She knew she had a fair chance at getting her 100th, that’s when it became an important milestone.

Benett first started playing lacrosse during 8th grade, when she was a part of Cedar Grove’s lacrosse program. She intends on playing lacrosse in college and is currently looking at Rowan, TCNJ, and her top school Ramapo.

Bennett’s favorite part about lacrosse, besides the friendships and bond of the team, is how it’s a release for her. When she steps out on the field anything that has happened, good or bad, vanishes; her problems disappear and she can just focus on having fun and playing the sport she loves.

This year’s lacrosse season has been really good, they’ve more than doubled their win total from last year with 7 and ended the season with a win against South Plainfield (9-8).