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New Student Section, The Swarm, Allows Hornets to Display PV Pride

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Jocelyn Martinez '19
5 October 2018

Students of Passaic Valley have been rallying up this year with reinvigorated school spirit and pep due to the new student section, The Swarm. Thanks to creator Sophia Ayoub '19 and wide-spread support from the community, The Swarm has flourished during these first couple of weeks of school.

The Swarm during the Wayne Valley game; photo credit: Sophia Ayoub Passaic Valley has struggled in the past with showcasing their school spirit. It has always been there, but not always evident. So this year, students have taken inspiration from other schools in the area and collegiate sports in creating their own designated section for students to sit during games and cheer their team on.

In addition to getting outside inspiration, Ayoub uses other methods to enhance The Swarm: "I also take a general consensus of what the students like because that's what matters most."

Ayoub even created a twitter account, which she runs with the help of Angelo Rodolico '19, where visitors can receive updates about upcoming games and student activities. Since the creation of the twitter account, there has been an increase in the student attendance at all sporting events.

School spirit was gleaming from the students at the Wayne Valley football game on September 21, as they cheered along with the cheerleaders and chanted loudly for the Varsity Football Team. In addition, Mr. Benvenuti, along with other staff members, set up a pep-rally to celebrate fall sports, the rising school spirit, and the anticipated football game against Wayne Valley.

Ayoub and Rodolico even manage to coordinate themes for what students should wear at games. Themes this year have included wearing all black ("Blackout"), all white ("Whiteout"), neon colors, Hawaiian designs, and all green ("Greenout"). These uniform clothing themes unite students and present a prideful front to other schools. The recent growth in Passaic Valley pride and student participation has actually helped student athletes perform at a higher level at their games.

The Swarm was not an intentional and premeditated creation, as this student section started with an unofficial promo-video that Ayoub produced last year for one of the football games. Ayoub made it clear that this little video of hers was just for fun at the time, but now she has more influence as an upperclassman. "As a senior I really could take initiative and now I have more authority to push the student section in the right direction," said Ayoub.

What started out as a small group of friends showing up to sporting events, cheering on their peers, and taking part in this traditional high school experience, has blossomed into The Swarm, which is not just a new student section, but also a support system for the many athletes of Passaic Valley.