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Frosh Boys 4x800 Team Wins Three-Peat

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Derek Pezo '19
10 February 2019

This Indoor Track season was particularly memorable for the Freshmen Boys 4x800 Relay Team. They displayed their athleticism, heart, and considerable potential at each meet. At one point in the season, they came in 1st for three consecutive meets.

This incredible team consists of Jaidon Castaneda, Daniel Bennett, Jesse Spadaccini, and Anthony Frosh 4x800 Relay Team; Photo Credit Erik Getz Scielzo. These boys managed to earn the team over 30 points, and were even able to perform on a varsity level. All of their efforts have also earned them the title of Big North Freshmen 4x800 Relay Champions.

The relay team did not expect to perform this well in the season. In fact, their involvement began as a workout of sorts in the offseason of their main sport. However, it quickly became much more than that.

“Some of us play soccer, so we thought the best way to get into shape was to do track,” the boys said. “But Jaidon was inspired by his dad to run, since he ran track when he was in school.”

Frosh 4x800 Relay Team; Photo Credit Erik Getz When competing on a varsity level, it is easy to feel intimidated by the intense competition. However, this team has already learned to overcome these fears and perform at their best.

“It’s amazing to run varsity, but we just don’t really think about it that much,” they explained. “But we all agree that if there’s someone in front of us, we focus on trying to beat them.”

Towards the beginning of the season, the boys had no ideaFrosh 4x800 Relay Team; Photo Credit Derek Pezo '19 about how well they would do. Half of the relay team was working with the sprinters, rather than the distance and mid-distance runners. Once the efforts they were putting into practice became clear to the coaching staff, Coach Getz pulled all of the boys together for the season opener meet to see how they would perform. 

During any type of relays in track, comradery is one of the most important aspects when running. In order to get better, the boys often compete with each other during practices.

“Once we have that competition among the four of us, it's easier to be united when we race during meets.” stated the team.