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Catherine Bennett ‘19 Makes History with 200th Career Goal

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Kayla Leonard '20

May 24 2019

Bennett Scores 200 Career Goals; photo credit: Ms. Lori Demsey On Wednesday, May 8, Catherine Bennett ‘19 made PV history with her 200th career goal. In an intense game against Clifton, the girls’ lacrosse star and senior captain became the first Hornet to achieve this remarkable accomplishment. 

Bennett is a leading attacker and has been playing lacrosse for five years. She was first introduced to the sport in eighth grade, where her father started a girls' team. An avid softball player at the time, Bennett found a new passion that she not only enjoyed, but excelled at. She decided to join the lacrosse team her freshmen year and has been a player to watch ever since. Bennett adapted a more aggressive playing style by watching her brothers play before she started her career, this has allowed her to develop as a powerful player and a force to be reckoned with on the field.

“When Cat turns on the jets, there is nothing stopping her,” says Girls’ Lacrosse Coach Ms. Lori Demsey. “Cat is the player that other teams' defense and goalies fear. Not only does she have an amazing strong shot but she is relentless and plays to the final second of the game.” 

The summer before her senior year, Bennett joined the Jersey Thunder lacrosse team. She was able to work with skilled coaches, sharpen her playing style, and ultimately improved her skills. 

Bennett's career-defining goal at Wednesday’s game was one to remember. The stands filled with families and friends who had come to support her inevitable accomplishment. She began to feel the pressure and became very nervous in fear of letting everyone down. However, words of encouragement by her family and friends before the game helped Bennett regain confidence.

The play began with a pass interception PV. The ball was soon passed to Bennett, as she began a full field sprint. She managed to maneuver past five opponents, took a shot from the right side, and settled the ball in the opposite corner of the goal. Bennett with Lacrosse Team; photo credit: Ms. Lori Demsey

The crowd erupted. A big team celebration followed and Coach Demsey called a time-out to present Bennett with her 200th goal reward.

This accomplishment was especially meaningful because, unlike her 100th goal last season, Bennett's dad, the driving inspiration of her athletic career, was able to be there. Having all her family and friends watching and supporting made the achievement all the more memorable. 

“It meant a lot to me personally that I was able to achieve this goal, that I’ve worked this hard and that my training has paid off, as well as all the extra houBennett Action Shot; photo credit: Ms. Lori Demsey rs that I’ve done," Bennett said. She was able to prove to herself that she was capable of such an accomplishment, despite being so nervous up to the play.

Most career goals is not the only record Bennett has broken. In addition to this honor, she holds the PV record for most goals in a single game (11) and most goals in a season (101). The 2019 Girls' Lacrosse team has also broke its own record for most wins in a season (9). 

Not only is Bennett a role model on the field, but she is a true team leader off the field as well. As a captain, Bennett spread positivity and motivated her teammates to push themselves as athletes. Since the beginning of the season, she has dedicated herself to making sure the team is focused and committed at all times. She is also a source of inspiration to younger players on the team.

"Cat has always been like an older sister to me and is always there to pick up her fellow teammates," said Laney Thompson '21. "She constantly has a smile on her face and is there to help everyone on the team no matter what."Bennett Committed Poster; photo credit: Ms. Lori Demsey

Bennett would like to thank all her lacrosse coaches, from PV to Jersey Thunder, her teammates for their immense support, but most importantly, her family and friends. “They have been the biggest support system - coming out to the games when they didn’t need to, driving to the away games, sometimes an hour away, and they all still come to support," said Bennett.

Bennett plans to continue her athletic career at Wesley College, where she has committed to the Division III lacrosse team alongside her studies in the nursing program. She will most likely continue to impress as a starting freshman and future record-breaker. Congratulations to Bennett on becoming the first Hornet to reach 200 career goals and good luck in the future!