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Girls Volleyball Looks Back on Tremendous Season


Valley Echo Banner Devyn DiPasquale '21
15 November 2019 

As the 2019 fall season draws to a close, we recognize the Girls' Varsity Volleyball Team for their exceptional season. The Hornets finished 17-7, made it to the county final, and qualified for the state tournament for the first time in years.Girls Volleyball team; property of Devyn DiPasquale

The Hornets opened their season on September 4th with a 2-0 win over Paterson Kennedy followed by a 2-1 win against Wayne Hills on September 6th. The girls continued to have success, with only a total of three losses in September. In fact, from September 24th to October 19th, the Hornets did not lose a match.

"Anytime you have a seventeen win season, make it to the county final, and qualify for the state tournament, I think the season is a success," explained Head Coach William Robertazzi. "There are some matches that I would've liked to have won. Maybe have won the county final or have won a round in the state tournament. However, that would all have been a bonus. In my mind, I would say the season was a complete success for sure."

From the beginning of the season, the girls never gave up. Alexandra Ward, who records statistics for the team, had a front row seat at each game and was able to experience the unique energy the team carried with them. ”What I liked most about watching the games was how interesting they were. The team would always come back and fight for the win,” she said. “My favorite game was the county semi-finals against Clifton. The game had a lot of action and the girls played their hearts out.”

Their impressive win total stems largely from the bonds players formed. The team spent countless hours together, including the week of Gold Medal Squared Camp in the summer, where the team practiced from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The girls and their families hosted team dinners, establishing a familial connection between teammates. During the season, daily practices and matches from the beginning of September to early November solidified the players' connections."My favorite part of the season was becoming close with everybody on the team and making a bunch of new friends," said Sophomore Tianna Hubbard.Girls Volleyball seniors; property of Devyn DiPasquale

The Hornets said goodbye to six seniors this year: Setter Jadalynn Rodriguez, Middle Hitter Zoe Moore, Middle Hitter Julianna Perro, Outside Hitter Kayla Allmendinger, and Rightside Hitter Victoria Pardi. These five girls played a huge role in the Hornets' winning season and they will be truly missed. "Playing my last volleyball game as a Hornet was very bittersweet. I was so proud of the team for making it that far, but I was also so sad that it was my last time playing," explained Rodriguez. "I've been playing with these girls for four years and it's unreal that I won't be on the court with them next year."

Of course, their supporters wish there was just a bit more playing time, as well. ”I am proud that she was able to spend her last season with such a great group of young ladies,"  expressed Jadalynn's mother, Joyce. "They all made her senior year very memorable. I do wish that she had one more year, because the time did come by way too fast for me.”

The seniors' absence will certainly affect the team next year. “I think the team will be different because being a senior [next year] means I am going to have to step up to that role that the seniors were for me this year and the past three years,” said Junior Abigail Shaw. ”It’s crazy for me and my fellow juniors but I think we are going to kill it and be great team leaders.”

Girls Volleyball at the annual Breast Cancer Awareness match; property of Devyn DiPasquale The Hornets are optimistic that they will continue to take positive strides in the future. "With the great results from this year and the chemistry within the team, I think we have the strength and mindset to be just as successful, if not more, next year,” explained Julia Hosri '22.

In 2020, the Hornets will also be playing without Head Coach William Robertazzi. Coach Robertazzi has been coaching girls volleyball at Passaic Valley for fourteen years and just wrapped up his final season. Robertazzi has had a great career coaching at PV, having coached numerous winning seasons as well as acquiring three county titles. Coach has made a huge impact on the girls that he coached and he will be sincerely missed next season.

Although the season is over, it was truly one to remember. “[One word I would use to describe the season is] proud..." said Coach Robertazzi. "We talked a lot about efforts we could be proud of and going out there and playing in a way that we are proud of ourselves as well as in a way that our families would be proud of us, and the school and community would be proud of us. So, overall, pride is what I think of and this team was chock-full of it.”