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Head Football Coach Chet Parlavecchio Leaves Treasured Legacy After Retiring From the Sport

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Olivia Manfredo '20
31 January 2020

Passaic Valley’s Head Football Coach Mr. Chet Parlavecchio has announced his retirement from the sport. As head coach for the Hornets for a total of 10 years, Coach Parlavecchio is recognized for his dedication to Passaic Valley students and his leadership of the program.Coach Parlavecchio; property of Janet Russo

Throughout his storied career, Coach Parlavecchio has worked with high school, college and professional players. He served as Hornets Head Coach in two separate stints, the first from 1994-98 and the second from 2015-2019. His overall record stands at 57-37. Coach has worked with two generations of Hornets. Some of Coach Parlavecchio’s former players include Physical Education Teacher Mr. Alfred Cappello and Supervisor of Athletics Mr. Joseph Benvenuti.  "Coach Parlavecchio taught me the most important lesson in coaching that I ever learned," said Mr. Benvenuti. "He taught me the value in surrounding myself with loyalty. He told me that hiring assistant coaches that are loyal to me as a head coach, and loyal to the kids and families in the program, will prove invaluable. Of course Coach Parlavecchio's passion and attention to molding disciplined and prepared teams is something to marvel at. As a player for him, and later a coach, I can honestly say that I learned something new from him, every day."Coach Parlavecchio after his 50th win as Hornet Head Coach; property of Joe Benvenuti

Coach Parlavecchio served as Assistant Special Teams Coach and Linebackers Coach of the Tennessee Titans from 2011-13 and was the head coach at various high schools throughout New Jersey including Elizabeth, Bloomfield, Irvington, and Clifton. “I’m very proud that I had the opportunity to do everything there was in this game, coaching in the NFL, major college football programs, and high school.” 

PV has always felt like home for Coach Parlavecchio and he has dedicated countless hours to the team, players, and athletics program. “The field in the back on a Saturday, I love that place," he said. "The kids are great and I will miss them the most.”

His players are sad to see him step down but are grateful for the indelible lessons he has imparted upon them. “Coach Parlavecchio has impacted me both as a player and a man," said Varsity Cornerback Matthew Watkins '20. "He taught me how to carry myself on and off the field”.

Coach Parlavecchio before Homecoming; photo credit: Cornelius Van Ess Throughout Parlavecchio’s time at Passaic Valley, there are countless memories that stand out in his mind. A few that are very special were playing against Hoboken (the #1 team in New Jersey at the time), coaching the Hornets at the Meadowlands in the 1996 State Championship, defeating Delbarton away twice, and all his wins against Wayne teams. “I've had some heart-breaking losses, but if they aren’t heartbreaking or overwhelmingly joyful, then what are you in it for?” Coach Parlavecchio said. “Football brings out the highest of emotion. You feel the high of the highs and the low of the lows. That’s the beauty of it, through the good and bad times. Hopefully, you get a result you are proud of." Coach Parlavecchio is certainly proud of his work at Passaic Valley. He is also proud of the players he coached.

Coach Parlavecchio inspiring his team; property of Joe Benvenuti After retirement, Coach Parlavecchio looks forward to spending quality time with his three grandchildren and wife. Coach Parlavecchio knew this year was the right time to retire and prioritize other things. If Coach Parlavecchio could offer advice to young coaches, he would tell them “Do not delegate responsibilities to other people when it should be you.” Coach Parlavecchio knows the innumerable hours and time put into running a football team. Being head coach means the players need to see him in the weight room and not the assistants. Coach has always put 100% into coaching at Passaic Valley and the players will surely miss him.

Passaic Valley will never forget all Coach Parlavecchio has done for the team and the phenomenal guidance he has given them in order to succeed as a unit. His drive, passion and one-of-a-kind work-ethic makes Coach Parlavecchio such a crucial part of the football program. “There are no more things I aspire to be in the game," said Coach Parlavecchio. "I am fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to do all of them. It is time to spend more time with the family."