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Holsworth and Donovan: Co-Teaching in Class and on Court

Valley Echo

Ahmad Mubarak'17
8 February, 2017

Hornet basketball welcomes two new coaches to the varisty and freshman teams this winter season. Mr. James Holsworth is the new coach for varsity, while Mr. Zachary Donovan coaches the freshman team.

Mr. Holsworth comes to his position with plenty of experience, previously coaching at Caldwell University, Bloomfield College, St. Peters University, and Junior Varsity here for 3 years. “I grew up playing basketball and my dad coached it too,” stated Mr. Holsworth, explaining his close ties to the sport.

Mr. Donovan also has experience coaching wrestling and freshman football, making basketball a new challenge for him this year.

Passaic Valley shoots a foul shot against West Milford In the beginning of the season, Mr. Holsworth set a goal to win the Passaic County tournament and compete for a Group 3 State Championship. All of the Varsity team's wins this year came at home against Lakeland, Wayne Valley (61 to 56), and West Milford (59 to 53). 

Usual starters, Roberto "Tito"Ramirez, Nick Melograno, Shaun Benford, and freshman Nick Williams . Making the win against West Milford even more special, Tito Ramirez ’17 scored 36 points, hitting a career high that hasn’t been seen in a long time at PV.

The Freshman team is off to a slow start with a 1  and 6 record, but is still pushing all they can with practices consisting of drills in the first half followed by box outs, lay ups, and defense in the second.

“We've just got to get better... as long as I can teach them what to do, try their best, and prepare them for a higher level then mission accomplished. Playing as a team is also an important part,” stated Mr. Donovan.

Basketball is a long season and there are plenty of games left. So let's do our best to cheer on our Hornet hoopsters..