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Media Welcomes First Freshman: Billy Pinckney

Valley Echo

Ahmad Mubarak'17
16 February 2017

During the summer of 2015, William Edward Pinckney created a website and YouTube channel to display his interviews with famous athletes and sports commentators. He titled his website and YouTube Billy Pinckney '20 interviews Joe Maddon, manager of the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs channel, “Billy the Batboy’s Corner.”  His channel and website expanded with interviews of athletes and commentators from many sports.  Billy is the first freshman to take Media because of all the experience he has gained meetign and talking to people on air.

Usually, students need to take Public Speaking before going into Media. However, an exception was made for Billy because his  middle school math teacher, Mr. Vinnie Plateroti , a PV alum, knew of Billy’s talents and recommended that Billy take Media right away.

Mrs. Stephanie Roberts, Billy’s Media teacher, had Mr. Platerotti as a student so when he contacted her over the summer, she reviewed Billy’s work.  “I looked at his website and videos and immediately reached out to Mr. Jared Fowler, assistant principal of Humanities, and asked if there was any way to get Billy in this class.”

When everything was approved, Billy was contacted.

Watching professional journalists and broadcasters speak to professional athletes after sporting events gave Billy a spark that eventually flared into a passion. “I thought it was cool how the professionals do it and I wanted to get into that field”.  Billy Pinckney '20 interviews professional baseball player Nick Swisher

Billy has interviewed Michael Strahan, Joe Maddon, Nick Swisher, and many more.

With more time and learning to improve his website, Billy could make this a future profession. “I plan on continuing for the future and getting more into the field of Broadcast Journalism,” said  Billy with a bright smile.