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Carlos Morales Swings His Way into Senior Season

Valley Echo

Derek Pezo'19
24 March 2017

Spring sports are now in full swing and for seniors, it will be their last season in high school. For one senior baseball player, Carlos Morales ', his final season is also his fourth consecutive year on the varsity squad, a rare and prestigious achievement.

Morales made the starting varsity lineup his freshman year back in 2013-14,  but his interest began long before that.

“I’ve known Carlos since even before he was in high school,” said varsity baseball coach Mr. John Mazzo.

“At a very young age, he used to come to PV with his dad and use the batting cages at our baseball field to practice. I went up to them one day and introduced myself . In time, we got to know each other and Carlos attended our summer camps as well.”

Mazzo immediately recognized the potential and work ethic that Carlos had to offer, even at his youthful age. “When he came in as a freshman, he was able to break the lineup, and therefore got a lot of playing time.”

Morales recounted his feelings upon hearing he made the varsity team, “I was full of excitement when I found out I was on varsity my freshman year. In my mind, I knew I had the talent and I was capable of making it if I worked hard for it. Then I was just waiting for my moment.”

Since he was 6 years old, Carlos has had a strong passion for baseball.Carlos Morales; property of Mr. John Mazzo  “My dad showed me the sport of baseball when I was very young. He has been my trainer since then and taught me everything I know,” said Morales.

One of Morales' most valuable qualities as a baseball player is his dedication to perfecting his skills.

“Usually I’m out on the field 6 days a week for around 2 hours. I just do any drill I can to practice my position at second base. I’m always trying to improve myself, regardless of what it is.”

Coach Mazzo said that while Carlos is on the field, he pushes himself to be the best and it rubs off on his teammates.

“Carlos is a quiet but impactful leader. He leads by example rather by being vocal. With his experience of four years on varsity, it’s a big help to a lot of the younger kids on the team. His work effort is contagious.”

When younger players observe Carlos play , he shows them  the need to work just as hard as he does if they want to make an impact on the field.

Besides his hard working character, one of Carlos’s biggest strengths in the game is that he is very good under pressure. Mazzo explained that for most players pressure will only make them perform worse in a game. But Carlos is a different story. “Pressure enhances Carlos’ performance. It’s a very positive attribute,  and it shows just how much of a quality player he is.”

Since this is his last season of baseball at PV, Carlos plans to end his senior season with a bang.

“I just want to do anything and everything I can to improve myself this season. There’s big things waiting for me, and I’m gonna do everything to make sure this is my best season yet.”

Carlos is pleased to say that he will continue to play baseball at Morris County Community College after he graduates.

Here's wishing Carlos and the rest of the baseball players a very successful season this year!