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Papasavas and Kania Earn Valedictorian and Salutatorian

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Frankie Agresta '18
1 March 2018

Papasavas and Kania after hearing the news; property of Ms. Shue Papasavas and Kania with Mr. Rotella and their guidance counselors; property of Ms. Shue Most of the grades are in and the GPAs tabulated. The Valedictorian and Salutatorian of the Class of 2018 are Andre Papasavas and Matt Kania, respectively. Valedictorian is the student ranked first amongst his classmates and Salutatorian is the student ranked second. Congratulations to both men on such a prestigious achievement.

Valedictorian Andre Papasavas acknowledges that the road to academic excellence is not always easy. However, in the end, hard work pays dividends. "I feel proud. I've been working all four years and I've had to make a lot of sacrifices," said Papasavas. "To know it paid off makes me feel happy."

Papasavas and Kania during Halloween; from their Snapchat Salutatorian Matt Kania echoed Papasavas' sentiment and added that it's still possible to reach one's goals after a slow start. "I wasn't always good in middle school. I was actually pretty mediocre," said Kania. "In high school, however, I realized the importance of a good education and I started trying really hard. Knowing that my efforts and accomplishments in school and out have led me to this point is truly a great feeling." 

Papasavas and Kania have both taken some difficult classes throughout their high school careers and they have not taken their feet off of the pedals in their senior year. Papasavas' schedule currently consists of all AP or honors classes, with the exception of Phys Ed:  AP Government and Politics, AP Physics, AP English IV, AP Environmental Science, and French IV Honors.

Kania's lineup of honors classes this year include AP Calculus, AP Government and Politics, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP English IV, and AP Computer Science.

Papasavas and Kania; from their Snapchat Both students have a lot to decide in the coming months as college acceptance letters start to arrive. Papasavas has been accepted into the Naval Academy, but he is waiting on the Ivy League schools and MIT to make his final decision. Matt is waiting for his top five to make their decisions in April. Matt's top five choices are MIT, Princeton, Cornell, Yale, and UPenn. He said, "Anyone of those I would be happy with."

Both students, Andre and Matt, would be a great representative for any school that they commit to. They both have a bright and promising future ahead of them with much success to come.