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Academic Lab to Open PARCC Workshops After Spring Break

Valley Echo Banner. Jill Caltagirone '18
29 March 2018

Starting on April 9th, the Academic Lab in Room 012 (next to the cafeteria) PARCC workshops will open for all Freshmen looking for an edge on the upcoming standardized test. Workshop sessions for the ELA 9 and Algebra I sections of the test will be held to gain the proper experience and improve upon necessary skills. Students working in the academic lab.

The workshops are open to any freshman English or Algebra 1 students. No appointments are necessary. Students who attend will receive a “Certificate of Completion”. 

ELA 9 workshops will be held April 9th to April 13th; Algebra I workshops will be held April 16th to April 20th. During lunch periods, two sessions will be held each period, one during the first 20 minutes and another during the last 20 minutes. During this time, the Academic Lab will be closed to other activities (like homework help, etc.) in order to host the workshops.

Ms. Jamie Peters, English Director of the Academic Lab, and Ms. Lori Quail, Math Director of the Academic Lab, each created their own instructional videos (The links are available below). The instructional videos are useful to anyone of any grade level taking the PARCC test.  


ELA Tools:

Math Tools:

Quail explained the Algebra I workshops and the great level of preparation her tutors have taken for these workshops, “Our tutors have been trained and equipped with tips and strategies to share with students and, as always, help with the mathematics in the problems!” Each of the topics for the ELA 9 workshop; photo credit: Jillian Caltigirone The Academic Lab is the perfect place to improve necessary writing and arithmatic skills; photo credit: Jillian Caltigirone

Students attending the workshops will work on problems from the 2017 PARCC test in order to gain experience with the style of questions and strengthen skills.

Ms. Peters overviewed what students can expect from the ELA 9 sessions. “For the ELA 9 workshops, students are able to come and work on strengthening reading skills in order to prepare for certain skills-based questions on the PARCC,” said Peters.

Each day of the training sessions, the lab will focus on a different topic. In the ELA 9 sessions, Monday is “Common Terms”, Tuesday is “Central Idea/Theme”, Wednesday is “Inferences/Text Structure”, Thursday is “Listening to a Poem”, and Friday is “Tips for Writing”.