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Education Foundation Launches GoFundMe Page for Media Center Renovation

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Valley Echo Staff
27 September 2018

Proposed Renovations The Passaic Valley Education Foundation has launched a page in hopes of raising funds for a proposed Media Center Renovation Project. The fundraiser will be open for the next two years.

Proposed Renovations Superintendent Dr. JoAnn Cardillo is thrilled to have the Foundation’s support for this project, stating, “We are moving from a library concept to a 21st Century Media center serving all students in the school as we continue to upgrade our programs and facilities at Passaic Valley.”

The proposed plan calls for a more inviting experience for all students as the possible renovation schematics show more comfortable seating and access to technology for both students and staff.

Proposed Renovations Foundation President, Mr. Michael DeLuccia said, “As a Foundation, we wanted to start a long term focused fundraising project in addition to our annual events, such as the Beefsteak.”

Proposed Renovations DeLuccia added, “We threw around a few different ideas and decided that the library was the first area to focus our fundraising efforts because it is used by all students and is also one of the first rooms that our community sees as a reflection of Passaic Valley.”

Anyone wishing to make a donation can go to the Passaic Valley Education Foundation GoFundMe page.