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B.Y.O.D Program Officially Launches

Valley Echo Banner Brianna Rodriguez'20
12 October 2018

Mr. Schwab's 1st period class; photo credit: Brianna Rodriguez This new school year, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program officially launched. Students are now able to bring their own laptops, tablets, and I-Pads from home to use in the classroom through the PV Wi-Fi network.

Administration decided to put this program forward in response to the ever-changing world of education. "The main goal is to engage students in a modern way," said Mr. Anthony Meluso, Network and Computer System Administrator. "The modern way is technology."

According to Meluso, class management and the possibility of distraction were amongst the biggest concerns from the community. However, rules and regulations are in place to counteract such issues. While connected to Passaic Valley’s Student Wi-Fi, certain websites are blocked from use and playing online games/apps is closely monitored and may be restricted.

Any change requires time for adjustment. Therefore, some students are still getting used to putting away the good ol' pen and paper. “I’m not a technologically advanced person, so I’m bound to mess up the smallest thing on a computer," claimed Aaliyah Staples '20. "With handwriting it’s a lot easier for me to stay organized and [it’s] just overall more convenient than a laptop.” Mr. Schwab's 1st period English class during a meme project; photo credit: Brianna Rodriguez

However, most students are really enjoying the convenience of a device in and out of class. If students don’t have a device from home to bring, the school library has devices available that are to be returned by the end of the school day. This device program offers students the opportunity to engage in education in a more modern way. With the help of technology, Passaic Valley is advancing more academically than ever before.