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In New Location, Writing Lab Now Open for Third Year

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Jocelyn Martinez'19
31 October 2018

The Writing Lab, which has successfully helped many students at Passaic Valley revise their essays and research papers for the past two years, made its grand opening on November 12th. The Lab has been moved to Library Annex, Room 111.

The Writing Lab is overseen by advisors Ms. Jamie Peters and Mrs. Megan Miele, with help from supervisors Mr. Cornelius Van Ess and Mrs. Geraldine Volonnino. However, the students take the role as writing tutors and assist students with the task of writing or revising their assignments.

"On my given day [last year] in the writing lab, I usually worked with two to three students, which varies given whether an English teacher has assigned an essay or a History teacher has assigned a research paper recently," commented Kadie Cathcart '19. "I am given the opportunity to give advice to my fellow peers in order to help them enhance their writing styles."Writing Lab; Jocelyn Martinez'19

Before working as writing tutors, these intelligent students must first prove to the Writing Lab advisors and supervisors that they are capable enough to aid students with their assignments.

There are multiple steps that one has to go through in order to be officially selected as a writing tutor. "We were first selected by our English teachers to receive an application. Next, we had to write an essay stating why we wanted to be a writing tutor," mentioned Samantha Torres '19. "Lastly, we had to submit any essay we had written in the past and everything we submitted did not have our name attached to it." This is to make sure the selection of tutors is unbiased and purely based on their credentials. 

The Writing Lab has only been operating for two years now, but during this short period of time, there has been a lot of progress and growth regarding the writing tutors' abilities to successfully help the students. "Our tutors feel more confident in their abilities for helping their peers over the past few years," exclaimed Ms. Peters.Writing Lab; Jocelyn Martinez'19

Even though the Writing Lab has come a long way, there are many wishes and hopes for the future of the Writing Lab, "I hope the popularity of the Lab continues to grow and the student body here at PV understand that the Lab is here to make them better writers, not just to get better grades," explained Ms. Peters.

The Writing Lab also offers long-lasting tips that students can hold on to for future assignments. "The Writing Lab's help with my essay allowed me to permanently improve my writing skills," said Kayla Leonard '20. 

Students who wish to visit the Writing Lab for help can stop into Room 111 during their lunch periods. All students need is a copy of their essay, the prompt, and a willingness to improve.