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PV Welcomes Its Newest Member, Mrs. Lions, to the Hive

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Maryam Ahmed '19
15 October 2018

Every year, Passaic Valley welcomes a handful of new staff members, determined to enhance the academic advancements of their students. This year, Passaic Valley welcomes a new member to the World Language Department, French Teacher Mrs. Lynn Lions.Mrs. Lynn Lions in front of a board; photo credit: Maryam Ahmed '19

Growing up in Lebanon, Lions was taught that you have to have a great passion in what you do. Before her family emigrated to the United States, she was taught French in school and she yearned for the chance to speak French after the move.

Lions graduated from Passaic Valley and coming back was a bit of a bizarre experience at first. “I feel like I kind of stepped into a little bit of time warp," said Lions. "It's confusing coming back as an adult.” However, she's adjusted quickly and is thrilled to be the school’s newest addition to the World Language department.

After graduating from high school, Lions was accepted into Montclair State University as an undeclared student. About a year into her studies, she decided she wanted to major in Language Interpretation and Translation. After some time, Lions earned a PhD to teach College French and began teaching as an adjunct professor at MSU.

Lions began teaching at the high school level in 2009. For seven years, she taught in Edison High School and then Ramapo-Indian Hills High School District for three years.

Mrs. Lions French IV Honors Class; photo credit: Maryam Ahmed '19 Lions' compassion in her work was evident from a story she told about the rocky start to her career. At Edison High School, a student picked a fight with one of her peers on Lions’ first day. This student would continue to struggle in Lions’ class, even repeating the course. Three years later, the student, then a senior, made a clear decision to turn her life around. After conversing with the student and asking her about her future plans, Lions wrote her a recommendation letter for nursing school. Ever since, Lions has been a valuable asset to her students, going beyond academics.

Her students have a lot to say about Lions as a teacher and her remarkable performance. “I love her a lot, she’s really dedicated to teaching the language,” said Bahar Arfai ‘19. “She's been making a lot of effort to get to know us. She’s just great overall.”