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PV Introduces New Science Course: A.P. Human Geography

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Jocelyn Martinez '19
15 November 2018

Along with several other new courses this year, A.P. Human Geography is now offered by Passaic Valley as both a new Science and advanced placement course for students. This course focuses on the spatial relationships of people to each other and their physical environment. It frequently crosses over in other subject areas, like Social Studies, Economics, Sociology, and more.

A.P. Human Geography; photo credit: Jocelyn Martinez'19 A.P. Human Geography was presented in order to create a wider variety of advanced placement, or college level, courses, especially for younger students, such as sophomores. The course also appeals to the students in search of unique, interesting information, as A.P. Human Geography is very different from other classes in the Sciences.

As an experienced teacher of A.P. Environmental Science for twelve years, Mr. William Goodman was chosen to teach this brand new science course to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. 

The content that is taught in A.P. Human Geography varies from immigration and migration to political geography and ethnic groups. "It's a very broad course about the whole human population of the world," mentioned Mr. Goodman.

A few examples of what the class has learned so far is a unit about what causes humans to migrate to different places around the world and a unit on why particular states and countries exist. Mr. Goodman is receiving stellar feedback from the A.P. Human Geography students so far. "The students are doing really great," Mr. Goodman exclaimed. "[Which is] especially [impressive] since this information is fairly new and unfamiliar to most."

What makes A.P. Human Geography so popular amongst the student body is that the topics are attractive and captivating because they relate to current events and controversies around the world. "This description sounded like a good fit for me," said Jake Son '19. "And I feel I've gotten a greater sense of direction in world events, from both a political and environmental standpoint."

This course is another way for students to stay informed on current events, as Mr. Goodman relates the content to relevant news making headlines around the world.A.P. Human Geography; photo credit: Jocelyn Martinez'19

The advanced work assigned by Mr. Goodman allows the students to consistently apply and hold themselves responsible for the content of this rigorous course. "This course has been very challenging so far," said Samantha Torres '19. "Especially because I have never learned anything like it in the past." Despite the challenge, A.P. Human Geography delivers an opportunity for the students to absorb completely new information that requires them to utilize their brains in a complex, but self-advantageous way.