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Italian Field Trip to the Metropolitan Opera Allows Students to Celebrate Culture

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Kylie Tedeschi'19
1 December 2018

On Friday, November 30, Signora Carmela Monzo and Signora Maria Papaleo brought their Italian students to New York City on a field trip to the Metropolitan Opera. The group saw a dress rehearsal of the La Inside New York's Opera House, photo credit: Maryam Ahmed'19 Traviata. The trip allowed Signora Monzo and Signora Papaleo to expose their students to this aspect of Italian culture, which the students had been learning about prior to coming on the trip.Italian IV Honors in New York at the Opera; photo credit: Kylie Tedeschi'19

The Italian classes were able to see one of the final dress rehearsals of the opera, just days before the premiere. This privilege was given to Passaic Valley thanks to Signora Papaleo’s membership with the Metropolitan Opera. “After attending workshops, I was given the opportunity to obtain a membership with the Opera," she explained. "With this membership, I get to pick from several great Italian operas annually, and, through the school, can take 35 students to see a dress rehearsal for no cost other than bussing."

The performance was very enjoyable for those who went. “It was beautiful. It’s one of my favorite operas, and it still managed to make me cry this time,” commented Signora Monzo.

Students had a great time watching, as well. “The whole thing was really beautiful,” stated JOutside of the Opera House in NY; photo credit: Kylie Tedeschi'19 essica Lameiras ’19. “I really liked it, and thought it was cool to be exposed to the culture in this way.”

La Traviata is a 3-act performance following the story of Violetta, the main character, and her love with a man named Alfredo. The opera has been performed since its premiere in Venice in 1853, and is set to premiere at the Metropolitan Opera on December 4, running until April 27.