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Seniors Vie for Breakfast and Bragging Rights in the 12 Days of College Competition

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Brianna Rodriguez '20
4 December 2018 

For some seniors, college is right around the corner. With the stress of applying to the right college or gathering recommendation letters, this time of year can be quite hectic. The Guidance Office has decided to make this stressful time of year a bit more fun by initiating the 12 Days of College Homeroom Competition. The senior homeroom with the highest percentage of applicants to college by December 18th will receive a breakfast in Campbell Hall right before winter break.

12 Days of College display outside of Guidance; photo credit: Mr. Van Ess This competition is a fun way to encourage students to apply for college sooner rather than later. It's important to stay motivated for college although it can be quite stressful. Guidance wants to stay engaged with the seniors to mitigate any anxiety and build momentum as application deadlines approach.

“We’re always looking for new ways to get the attention of the seniors and to implement new, exciting things to keep the motivation up,” Mrs. Tara Torres, Director of Student Personnel Services, explained. “We’re just trying to connect the holidays with the importance of getting the college applications done early before things get a little too crazy.”

According to Torres, about 30% of the 12th grade class has already applied. Every homeroom class is posted outside of the Guidance Office with a designated chart that resembles a thermometer. With each student that applies, the percentage for that student’s classroom will increase and the "temperature" on the class' thermometer with fill in red.