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Hornet Helping Hands Offers Senior Interns Insight into the Future of Education

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Hailey Raimo '19
5 November 2018

Starting in the 2017-2018 school year, Passaic Valley partnered with Little Falls Township to create the Helping Hands internship program for seniors interested in pursuing a career in elementary school education. This year, five new seniors chose to participate:

  • Sarah Covello
  • Taylor Davis
  • Sarah Esmarian
  • Alexandra Levajac
  • Gabriella RoseSchool # 2 welcomes students for the new year

These five seniors will gain real-world experience in early childhood education, along with 15 high school credits. Students arrive at 8:15 am to Little Falls School #2, complete a three-period internship and return to Passaic Valley before period 4 starts.

Interns provide assistance in the elementary classroom and participate in school events on a daily basis. Upon their arrival at 8:15, they are responsible for assisting the students coming into school in the morning, assist kindergarten students with morning classroom routines, and maintain a monthly Hornet Helping Hands Bulletin Board. They also must help with the Birthday Bee Book Chart, in which the interns delivers donated books to the students on their birthdays.

Hornet Helping Hands interns at School #2 Not only do the Hornet Helping Hands interns assist the students, they also have other duties. They are responsible for an internship portfolio/scrapbook (that displays events from each month of the internship), a weekly journal, and evaluations of children books.

Being able to interact with the students and parents is also a key part of being an intern. The Hornet Helping Hands have to connect with the students and make them feel comfortable. “I love interacting with the kids, as it brings me so much joy to see a smile on their faces," said Davis. "This is an experience I’ll never forget."

Participating in this program, the interns develop their career skills, including collaborating with their peers, communicating with students and parents, and developing content for the elementary level classroom.