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Sophomore Stars Shine Bright After First Year

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 Isabella Nicosia'19 

25 January 2019 

This article is the third in a series highlighting students who were recognized during the Superintendent's Breakfast for achieving a GPA over 4.25. A few students from each grade level will be featured in each article. Read the article on the Senior Class and Junior Class at the links included. Look out for a future spotlight on the Freshman Class soon.

This year’s Sophomore Class has a vast array of talented students. Three students, Elizabeth Dubov, Raima Islam, and Betul Koc, have especially made the most of their first high school years. Each has achieved a high enough GPA to be among the top of their class.

Elizabeth Dubov received the highest GPA in her class during freshman year, while also participating in numerous extracurricular activities. Dubov takes part in Track, Volleyball, Italian Club, and Math League. Her current favorite classes are History Honors and English because she believes they both have helped her improve as a student dramatically over the past year. She also is very interested in becoming a lawyer after high school and would love to attend Princeton or NYU Law.  

Next year, she hopes to take AP Psychology, AP Chemistry and AP Government to further her interests. Her main influences throughout her high school career have been Dr. Susanne Iobst, Ms. Kathleen Dellanno, and Dr. Susan Clinton due to the support they have given her to strive for success in all that she does. “Dr. Iobst has definitely helped me because I have had her for two years now and I have to work really hard in her class,” Dubov shared.  Raima, Betul, and Elizabeth standing in the PV halls together. photo credit: Isabella Nicosia

Raima Islam is also very passionate about academics. Geometry and Algebra 2 are among her favorite classes due to her love of mathematics. She also has a special interest in science, having taken Biology I, and wishes to become a doctor in the future. She currently enjoys participating in multiple clubs, some being: Art Club, Future Doctors of America, Math league and National Art Honors Society. “Art is a great way to destress sometimes if work gets a bit overwhelming," Raima said. "It is also something I am very passionate about and I like incorporating it into my life.”

Some of Raima’s main influences her first two years at PV have been Mr. Kevin Haimowitz, Ms. Fulya Arici, Ms. Dellanno, and Dr. Iobst. Each of these teachers have helped to set Islam on the path to success, hopefully, in something pertaining to science or math.  

Betul Koc is also an extremely devoted student who wishes to pursue a career in medicine. She has a strong passion for science and feels as though her History and English classes have helped her prepare for the rest of her high school career. “My favorite class was World History I with Ms. Menake," Koc said. "That’s where I felt like I really learned how to study and prepare for high school tests. Ms. Dellanno also really helped my writing. ”

She currently participates in Volleyball, Future Medical Professionals, Interact Club, and Italian Club. Next year, she plans to take AP Bioogy and Anatomy on her quest to become a doctor.