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Mr. Donnelly's Holocaust and Genocide Classes Visit U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

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Derek Pezo '19 & Hailey Raimo '19
9 March 2019

On March 8th, Mr. Timothy Donnelly’s Holocaust and Genocide classes visited the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. The museum is a sobering tribute to the millions of European Jewish peoples murdered during World War II. While the museum displays many historical artifacts dedicated to the remembrance of The Holocaust, it also educates students in a way that a classroom simply is unable to.

Children's Artwork During the Holocaust; Photo Credit Hailey Raimo '19 “In class on a day to day basis students really only get a 45 minute ‘snapshot’ about what we learn,” stated Donnelly. “But the museum in Washington D.C. shows us the entirety of the Holocaust and does it exceptionally well.”

During the trip, students were able to guide themselves through the exhibit at their own pace and take in the extent of the atrocities of the era. The museum consisted of a variety of Photos of Jewish Men Women and Children; Photo Credit Hailey Raimo '19 artifacts such as photos, films, debris from liberated concentration camps, and even an enormous pile of shoes worn by Jewish prisoners.

"As a whole, this trip opened my eyes more to The Holocaust as a whole," Marissa Manning '19 explained. Seeing all of these relics from The Holocaust not only struck at the students' emotions, but also gave them a new perspective on what they have been learning.

Other than for educational purposes, Mr. Donnelly wants each of his students to take something away from the field trip. “What each student takes away from the field trip is personal and particular for each student," he said. "But what I’m hoping that they will come away with is that these things are real, and that they actually happened. I also wish that this will motivate and encourage them to not be bystanders, but rather upstanders.”