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PV Volunteer Math Peer Tutoring Program Continues to Support Middle Schoolers

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Brianna Rodriguez '20
15 November 2019

PV Volunteer Math Peer Tutors; photo credit: Mr. Sileo Roughly 6 years ago, math teacher Mr. Salvatore Sileo, developed the PV Volunteer Math Peer Tutoring Program for students in sending districts. Mr. Sileo proposed the idea to his Honors PreCalculus students and most of them agreed to volunteer their time and mathematical talent to help younger students improve their abilities. The program continues to improve student achievement in mathematics, increasing test scores and preparedness for the high school level.

This year, tutors include:  Elizabeth Dubov, Betul Koc, Bowen Jiang, Natalie Rofail, Adrianna Monaco, Isabella Brunetti, Rebecca Brunetti, Raima Islam, Sarah Rabboh, Sarah Mitchell, Victoria Marques, Jeannie Alva, Mia Basile, and Jessical Camal.

Most of Mr. Sileo’s inspiration for the program came from past experience. “I believe it is important for students to gain a greater sense of community and be able to give something back to their community,” Mr. Sileo explained. “I remember when I was their age; I too was a volunteer tutor and it was rewarding to help someone out.”

Guidance counselors from the sending districts were contacted about this program and they responded with a few potential students who could benefit from learning from older students. Mr. Sileo also received phone calls from the Totowa and Woodland Park libraries looking for student volunteers for their tutoring programs.

The program is a benefit to any student who needs help with math skills regardless of their grade level. “I think this is what first interested me in becoming a teacher and I wanted my students to share in that experience as well,” Mr. Sileo concluded.