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Dr. Pytal Speaks About Psychology with Human Behavior


Megan Morales '20
19 November 2019

Mr. Francisco (left) and Dr. Pytal (right); photo credit: Megan Morales On November 1, 2019, PV alumna Dr. Anastasia Pytal, an Adult Clinical Psychologist and former police officer in Arlington County, Virginia, met with and talked to Mr. Jeffrey Francisco's Human Behavior classes. Her guest lecture gave students the opportunity to learn more about how different disorders correlate to the brain and provided an in-depth understanding of how the brain works.

Throughout the class, students were afforded the opportunity to learn from first-hand accounts of Dr. Pytal's experiences on the police force and how psychology is crucial to modern criminal justice. She also shared stories of receiving her master's and doctorate degree and becoming a psychologist. 

Having graduated from PV in 1985, Dr. Pytal returns to the community hoping to inspire students looking to explore psychology and/or criminal justice as careers. She hopes to let students know that psychology is “an attainable career path.”

Mr. Francisco loves the interaction between his students and Dr. Pytal. “She really brings in real-world applications of psychology in a clinical sense,'' he said.