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Ms. Miskovich Collaborates with Writing Lab to Aid Students During the Revision Process


Valley Echo Banner Devyn DiPasquale'21
8 January 2020

English Teacher Ms. Michele Miskovich took an innovative approach to essay revisions. Instead of having her students visit the writing lab for critiques, she decided to have the Writing Lab come to them.Writing Lab; Property of Devyn DiPasquale

Ms. Miskovich’s students wrote an essay about the American Dream. To prepare for the assignment, the students read several examples of poetry, short stories, and even listened to songs relating to the ideal. Their assignment was to select three examples from the literature they analyzed and wrote an essay on their intertwining themes.

After the students finished writing the essay, Ms. Miskovich decided to ask tutors from the Writing Lab to come in to help her students revise their papers. “I really value peer editing, because I know that each individual brings something unique to the table," said Ms. Miskovich. “It is very valuable to have students work with other students, and it’s especially useful when the tutors are so well trained.”

Tutors helping students; photo credit: Devyn DiPasquale The Writing Lab is a resource in the school that is open every day for students who wish to seek help when revising essays. “The Writing Lab is there to help students in all aspects of writing and during all steps of the writing process; from the planning, to the first draft to the final draft,” said Writing Lab Director, Mrs. Jamie Picarelli.

The lab is made up of tutors who were selected based on their previous academic performance and display of writing ability. Tutors are trained once per month to learn and prepare for what they might encounter while tutoring. “I enjoy being a part of the Writing Lab, because I get to work with other students on their essays,” said tutor Teresa Payne ’21. “I like being able to help them not only improve their current papers but develop Writng Lab; Property of Devyn DiPasquale a better understanding for writing in the future.” 

Faculty advisors oversee the critiquing process in case tutors have any questions. The advisors include Writing Lab Director Ms. Jamie Picarelli and supervisors Mrs. Ashley Francis, Mr. Tim Donnelly, and Mrs. Megan Miele. 

The collaboration between Ms. Miskovich’s class and the Writing Lab was ultimately a success. “It would be extremely beneficial for students to regularly go to the Writing Lab and I witnessed the benefits of the lab first hand with my class,” said Ms. Miskovich.