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Dr. Iobst Awarded New Jersey Governor's Teacher of the Year

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Arcangelo Iurato '21
14 February 2020

Dr. Susanne Iobst was awarded the New Jersey Governor's Teacher/Educational Professional of the Year award after being nominated by her colleagues. The annual award is voted on by a faculty and administrative committee.Dr. Iobst and her AP Biology class; photo credit: Rae Allex

Dr. Iobst is grateful for the recognition of her efforts and passion. "It's quite humbling to receive such an award because earning the respect of my colleagues as well as my students is very important to me," said Dr. Iobst. "This award isn't really something that you go for. I don't think it's something you try to achieve. I think it's recognition of what you do on a daily basis."

Dr. Iobst's care is evident to all of her students. "Everyday she comes in with a positive attitude, regardless of how the day has been," said Raima Islam '21, who is currently enrolled in Dr. Iobst's AP Biology class and took her Biology Honors class freshman year. "Any time there is a concept I struggle with or there's an issue I have, I know her door is always open."

Dr. Iobst teaches one of the most rigorous classes at Passaic Valley:  Anatomy and Physiology. When her students in that class learned she won Teacher of the Year, they were proud of her, but not surprised at all. Her students are grateful for all of the hard work and genuine love for the subject matter, which fuels student achievement. "Dr. Iobst is a self-less, generous teacher who prides herself with providing the utmost education for all of her students," said Anatomy and Physiology student Sumiha Allan '20. "She teaches with an intense passion that inspires us, as students, to explore the various fields of science."

Dr. Iobst has taught many of the students in Anatomy and Physiology for three or even all four of their high school years as they worked their way through the STEM Department's Honors and AP track. This has allowed for a special bond between Dr. Iobst and her students. "Dr. Iobst takes the time to develop genuine relationships with all of her students, ensuring each one of us that she will always be someone we can trust and rely on," continued Allan. "She shows care and kindness beyond the educational level, making her unique and especially deserving of the Teacher of the Year award."