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Remote Learning Model Takes Effect at Passaic Valley

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Gabriella Gutierrez '21
7 May 2020

Since March 16, Passaic Valley has turned to the Remote Learning Model during the public health-related school closure. The new method of instruction tasks teachers with crafting daily online lessons for students to complete through Google Classroom.

Living rooms have turned into classrooms, technology has facilitated interaction between teachers and students, and computers have become students' best friends.Online learning stock image. Source:

Now in its eighth week, students have adjusted to this innovative method of learning. They have adapted to becoming more responsible, having to keep themselves up to date with their work. “The transition from learning in a classroom to my home went very smoothly," said sophomore Natalie Ardis. "It is a little different from being in a classroom one day to being home the other, but I got used to it very fast.”

However, the new method has come with unique difficulties. It can be difficult managing time responsibly. “My learning experience from home has been interesting to say the least. The transition has been quite easy, as technology is part of school anyways," commented Tianna Hubbard '22. "The only issue I have experienced is the amount of work.” 

Of course, teachers have also had their fair share of transitioning in teaching lessons and distributing assignments from their homes. Technology has played a major role in assisting teachers with their plans. Resources and learning platforms such as Google Classroom, Khan Academy, YouTube and several online resources have been beneficial in helping teachers accommodate their students.

In the early days of the transition, educators had to adapt to new challenges inherent in at-home learning. Passaic Valley's teaching staff has explored new ways to teach and asses their students. “Many concepts in Chemistry are abstract, so I’ve been looking for online resources that are more concrete analogies to the concepts and complement textbook material,” said Science Teacher Mr. Edward Iobst.

While students and teachers are working hard to complete their work, other crucial staff members are keeping up the great work in helping the school itself run efficiently. Administration is working around the clock to ensure the school community's safety. 

Ground and Building Supervisor Mr. Tim Platt and his janitorial staff have worked tirelessly to thoroughly clean and disinfect school grounds to prepare for when the community is allowed inside the building by local authorities.  “All classrooms have had the students desks, teachers desks and other flat surfaces cleaned as per the direction of the CDC. All locker handles and dials have been wiped down using germicidal wipes," Mr. Platt said. "The stairwells have had the handrails cleaned. The weight room was wiped down and mopped. Locker rooms were completely disinfected and sanitized. All administrative and secretarial workspaces are cleaned each night, if the area was inhabited during the course of the day.”

Mr. Platt guarantees that the school is putting forth their utmost efforts such as using sanitizing products, such as electrostatic sprayers to fight off germs, inspecting buses, assisting families with food needs by supplying breakfast and lunches, protecting outside school grounds and working with other town departments. 

The success of the remote learning model is a community-wide effort. The Passaic Valley community continues to meet the challenges with grace and determination.