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Physical Education Classes Turn to Apps and Tech During Remote Learning

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Lulu Mubarak '20
28 May 2020

Physical Education classes have undergone a massive transition during remote learning. By administering lessons online over Google Classroom, Health and Physical Education teachers have been offering students a variety of tasks utilizing technology to keep track of their physical activity. 

Some teachers assign a minimum number of steps that students complete through the application Google Fit. This fitness app is very convenient for tracking heart rate, movement, and calories burned. Students must also earn “heart points,” which are achieved by moving consistently per

Other teachers have been assigning yoga for students at home, including a written attachment of their likes/dislikes of certain poses. Teachers have provided students with an alternative assignment of completing a certain number of pus-ups and sit-ups in a day. “We want the students to be physically active not only because of their physical health, but it also plays a major role in their mental health at this time as well," said Health and Physical Education Teacher Mr. Alfred Cappello. "I ask that they complete one of the following: 6000 steps, 150 push-ups or 150 sit-ups a day. We have had many students submit different kinds of workouts and routines as well.” 

Mr. Cappello encourages his students to switch up their routines and try new things. He feels it is important to enjoy oneself while staying physically active. According to Mr. Cappello, students have been submitting excellent work and he is very impressed with their

Health and Physical Education Teacher Mr. Brian Kapral is also impressed with his students. Their work has even inspired him to be more active while practicing social distancing. “The students have been doing a great job with their individual fitness plans.  I really enjoy the personal interaction through email and Google Classroom where we can assist and answer questions that students have," Mr. Kapral said. "I receive individual emails everyday with students telling me how they are improving with their workouts  When a student tells me how many push-ups and sit-ups they are able to do, it encourages me to stay active and try to keep up with them.”

Health and Physical Education Teacher Mr. Marc Salvatore is also very impressed with the work he receives from students. Though they have been submitting splendid work, Mr. Salvatore acknowledges that this is a tough time for everyone right now. “I will say that even though the students would rather be in school, I believe a lot of them are using this time to improve themselves physically, and I believe our workouts have helped kick start them into staying active during this time," Mr. Salvatore he said. "Physical activity during this pandemic has been very valuable to these students. Working out gives you a mental break from what's going on around you and keeps your body active.”

In addition to getting good grades for submitting their work, students are benefiting both physically and mentally from these workouts. Routine physical activity has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety levels.