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CAD Class Creates Houses, Cars, and More

Valley Echo

Franchesca Livraghi '18
21 February 2017

A brand new class has been added this year: CAD, or Computer Aided Design. The class is a full year course taught by Mrs. Arianna Robeson. Students use a 3D design program called Sketch Up that allows them to create cars, houses, furniture, buildings, etc.

CAD class period 4; Photo Credit to Chris Krusberg Mrs. Robeson explains that the class was created because, “Dr. Cardillo wanted PV to offer this course since it is an important course in the STEM world. Most schools that have a good STEM program, offer CAD." Mrs. Robeson, who has two engineering degrees, created the curriculum for the class, which is taught during periods 4, 6, and 8.

She said the class is recommended to all students, but is best for those with an affinity for computers, have a background with geometry, and have an interest in architecture, creativity, and engineering.

 “The class is fun for kids who would like tCAD class period 4 with Max Klum; Photo Credit to Chris Krusberg o be architects. The program provides different tools that let you make cool designs,” said Max Klum ’18. “The projects are not hard, but can be challenging.”

Since this is the first time the class ran , Mrs. Robeson said that  the class will need some changes for the future.

“It should not be a full year course the way I’m teaching it now. If it stays a full year, I would like to add some drafting and maybe some field trips.”

Nonetheless,  students said they enjoy the class and the skills they learn from it.