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Arts & Sciences in the Summer: Introducing the STEAM Into Summer Camp

V Rachel Mele '17 & Gabriella Dragone '17
5 April 2017

The PV Education Foundation is introducing a new summer STEAM camp beginning July 3rd and running throughout the monthof July. The camp will join the already well established Art, Culinary  and Theater Arts camps that run during summer mornings.

The STEAM camp, open to students in grades 5-8 from Little Falls, Totowa, Woodland Park, as well as non-residents, will run Monday through Thursday from 1:30 -3:30 p.m. with a 30 minute lunch break. 

STEAM  educuation combines Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math, focusing on creativity and thinking outside of the box. 

STEAM Summer Camp poster; property of STEAM program Science teacher Mr. Randall Sanders is one of the teachers involved in the summer camp. “These curriculums are becoming more popular among elementary and middle schools, so we wanted to offer a program that reinforces the curriculums that students of this age are learning. We are also starting our own STEM classes next year, so this program will be a good introduction for our incoming freshmen and our faculty.”

Parents in the community asked the administration if there were any programs that could be offered in the second half of the day of summer camp as the morning camps end at 12:30. This summer, there certainly will be.

Registration is open now and will continue until June 15th. The program costs $200 for residents of our sending district (Little Falls, Totowa, Woodland Park) and $225 for non-residents.

Registration can be completed on the STEAM Summer Camp website.