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White Wins GS Night as Both Teams Leave Audience in Awe

valley echo

Christopher Krusberg '18 & Frankie Agresta '18 & Mia Herrera '19
9 March 2018

For the second year in a row, Girls' Show ended with the White Team taking the night in an incredibly close competition. The magical night was filled with stunning performances from both sides, leaving audiences watching in the Griswold Gym or from the comfort of their home (through PVTV's live coverage) in awe. Due to the excellent soundtracks all around, epic moments of both Cheer teams, elegance of the Dance teams, the extraordinary Exercise performances, the intense Relays and Novelties competition, and the glamor of Posters, the night was truly special.

Green and White coming together to celebrate the night; photo credit: Chris Krusberg '18

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The Green Team won Posters and Dance, while the White Team won for Relays and Novelties, Exercise (X), and Cheer. All participants should feel proud for their efforts, delivering another memorable Girls' Show.

White Poster Green Posters The impeccably crafted posters, immortalizing the themes of the night, hung over the performances for the duration of Girls' Show. The Green Poster heads for this year are Yeonjyu Kitahara '20, Bushra Choudhury '19, and Delanee Roder '19. The White posters heads are Megha Mahmood '19, Yasmin Omran '18, and Chae Rin Kim '18. The object for this category is to come up with a way to incorporate all three themes from their side into a poster that tells a story.

Green X as Ironman White X as Prince The first event of the night was Exercise (X) with White portraying music legend Prince, while Green portrayed Marvel superhero Ironman. Both White X and Green X dazzled the crowd with their costumes, excellent exercise routines, and song selections.  It was difficult to determine which team would win since the crowd was cheering equally loud for both. In the end, it was a matter of patiently awaiting the judges decisions. The final outcome of the night was a win for White X. 

White Dance as The Greatest Showman Green Dance as Marilyn Monroe The second event of the night was Dance. White Dance chose the Hugh Jackman film The Greatest Showman as their theme; Green Dance chose pop culture icon Marilyn Monroe. Their dance themes were well thought out and beautifully executed. At the end of the night, the Green Dance flag rose, equaling the playing field again and ending any dreams of a sweep. 

Green Cheer as NASA White Cheer as Wonder Woman The third event was Cheer. Though their main performance comes towards the end of the competition, both teams work throughout the night to pump up their teams and their side of the crowd. The theme for White Cheer was DC superheroine Wonder Woman. The theme for Green Cheer was NASA, embracing the Future is Female theme for the 2018 show. They both showed great creativity with their cool costumes as the teams were enthusiastic and showed the crowd their great athletic abilities. By the time the winning team was announced, attendees were on the edge of their seats knowing this flag would be a critical one with the teams even. The flag that stood tall this year for Cheer was White. 

Girls' Show Lead Director Kathleen Dellanno Mrs. Kathleen Dellanno, the Lead Director of Girls' Show, gave high praise to the performances and credits the girls with energizing the community. "Based on what I am hearing and the reaction from the community, this is by far, one of, if not the most successful Girls' Shows in history!" she stated. "I think the girls brought the level of creativity and athleticism to new heights. They were all so wonderful all year getting along between the Greens and Whites."

This year's Girls' Show President, Mary Boudaher '18, echoed Dellanno's sentiment, emphasizing the accomplishments of the girls participating. "I commend the girls and their abilities  to compete in this competition. The dedication and work ethic that they put in for one night is absolutely amazing and it shows what they're capable of!"Girls' Show President Mary Boudaher

The judgement of the overall winner is based on the girls' routines, costumes, accuracy, music, and enthusiasm. Judges come to observe and divide points between each team. The categories and elements of each are clearly explained to each judge in advance in a multifaceted document involving technique, execution, and showmanship.

After each judge divides the points, she determines a winner for each event. She records her points and her ultimate choice for Green or White for that category. Then, the judges' choices are tallied and a winner for each event is determined. However, the winner of the night is not necessarily the team that wins the most events.

The main events - Cheer, Exercise, and Dance - are worth two points, while Relays and Novelties are worth one point, and Posters are worth a half point. The team who earns the most points when all categories evaluated wins the flag of the night.

White Chief Annie Challice and Green Chief Taylor Scarpa White Chief, Annie Challice '18, was thankful for the effort both sides put into making the night memorable. "I would like to praise all the teams in Girls' Show because, in the end, we all worked extremely hard to perform the best we could," Challice said. "Everyone pushes themselves to be the best that they can be and it really showed. Everyone should be super proud of themselves for this year's show because it was fantastic."

Green Chief, Taylor Scarpa '18, was also very impressed by the feats everyone was able to accomplish. "I want to give a huge shout out to every single participant in Girls' Show," she stated. "Green or White, I have never met a more amazing group of young women. Also shoutout to my apparel heads, this season wouldn't have been possible without you!"

At the end of the day, the outcome should mean little to the girls as the night was truly spectacular and everyone participating gave a show worth remembering!

All pictures provided by Chris Krusberg. You can view his other Girls' Show photos and the rest of his portfolio at Additionally, stay tuned to for an edited version of the show and a highlight reel to be released soon.