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PV Hosts First National History Day in Library

eco Romel Morel'18
24 April 2018

NHD Poster Organized by Mrs. Geraldine Volonnino, Passaic Valley hosted its first National History Day on April 11th. Now that she seems familiar with the concept, Volonnino and the National History Day Club plan to enter competitions starting next year. Competitions start locally and get as big as regions. 

Mrs. Volonnino Club Advisor of National History Day and social studies teacher (World History I) loves competition, which is why she loves being club advisor. This club is great for students who are competitive outside of sports, giving students an opportunity to compete academically. "National History Day is about learning, said Volonnino. "Taking a topic and learning everything about it and presenting it in any way you want to.”NHD Posters

Plenty of student-made exhibits were built in the library. Among the most innovative was a documentary, various websites, performances by students acting out their favorite scenes in history, and papers from the future writers of PV.

The students can chooseNHD Students Obseving any topic they like as long as it is related to the theme of National History Day for the year. This year's theme was "Conflict vs. Compromise". Participants were either part of the National History Day Club or Mrs.Volonnino's World History classes.

The first National History Day went great and the participants are all anxious to begin competing. The club is always looking for new students to join and compete next year. We wish the best of luck to National History Day. If you want to join the club or have any questions feel free to contact Mrs.Volonnino.