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Art Department Outdoes Itself for Art Show 2018

Valley Echo Banner. Jill Caltagirone '18 and Chris Krusberg '18
31 May 2018

May 23-24, the annual Art Show, a celebration of the marvelous artwork created by students, returned for showcasing in the Farrell Gym. Between Ms. Carrie Ingraham, Ms. Jennifer Chelel, Ms. Corine Czepiel, Ms Lori Demsey, Mr. Noah Meineke, and Ms. Melanie Vasa’s classes, there was plenty of excellent artwork available to show off to the community.

Peace at Art Show Art Show 2018 Picture Gallery

Mark Snell ‘19 was the creator of this year’s Art Show logo. The logo highlighted Snell’s art style and attention to detail as it was very intricate and complex. The Mexican “Day of the Dead” styled skull adorned posters hung around the hallways and custom t-shirts advertising the event.

Photography teacher Ms. Melanie Vasa's organized approach to creating a splendid display for everyone starts at the very beginning of every school year. She also includes at least one piece from every student in the art show. “I try to give students who deserve a bit of reward for hard work the chance to help set up," she said. "I also need students who are responsible, mature, and good at following direction.”Art Show Prep

Ms. Vasa also intended to show what Photography Class is about. Every year, she showcases different projects to show students who don’t take photography about the variety of different things offered in the class. “I want to emphasize the fact that we have a great deal of analog work [traditional film, not digital]. While people keep crowing about the ‘death of film’, in the art world, film is actually going through a resurgence,” Vasa said. “The majority of the black and white images you see in the show are darkroom-produced. The students develop their own film, print their own photographs. The archival methods we use - cyanotypes, pinhole photography, argyro types - are not antiquated.  They are viable and complex mediums, and the students deserve a great deal of admiration for gaining the ability to create images from those mediums. We could just pull photos off the internet and play in Photoshop, but we do not. I commend the students for meeting the challenges all year.”

Ms. Vasa was also quite proud of some students whose pieces shined in this year’s art show. “I think there are some Photo II students whose work really stands out: [seniors] Chris Krusberg, Brian Lewis, and Marisa Carioti," she said. "They each have a unique voice and aesthetic. They also put in a great deal of work before and after snapping the shutter. Brenda Leon's '18 study on living conditions in Peru is also wonderful.”Gabe's Art Show Prep

Some students showcased their artwork through a stop-motion and animation projection project. Gabe Flores ‘18 showed his drawing portraits, attempting to display the character and interests of students. He also showcased his fashion products and left a blank t-shirt out for people to doodle on. Maddie Davis ‘18 also showcased her work digitally, which was a flamingo morphing into a candle.

The event was open to any student or faculty member during the two school days, as well as anyone else (family/friends) during the night-time exhibition. Many students enjoy and look forward to admiring the work at Art Show, whether it be their first time or their last time attending the event.

“I went to one before in my hometown, but it was outside of school," said Kendra Smith '20, who attended the show for the first time. "Being able to see artwork from students at PV, I was amazed at how talented my peers are, and how the Art Show really brings together the art classes as a community.”

Snell and Dysere Rivera-Matos ‘19 were two of Smith’s favorite artists. “I believe their artwork is so amazing, and they’re both talented, as well as everyone else who participated.” One piece that caught Smith’s eye was the sculpture of sushi made from car tires and other objects. Art Show Food Sculptures

Zarifa Akbary ‘18 and Alyssa Figueroa ‘18 have attended art show every year since their freshman year at PV. “This year is my last year to attend art show as a student,” Akbary admits. “It feels bittersweet.”

“Each year it gets more creative and expands more as the years pass,” Figueroa explains. “I enjoy it every year and I’m sad that it will be my last time seeing it in school.”

Akbary was not able to submit anything to art show this year, but she has in the past. During her sophomore year, she submitted a portrait in pencil and two paintings (one painting of a human eye and one painting of a willow tree). “It was an amazing feeling to see my work showcased for all my friends and classmates to see.”

Akbary’s favorite exhibits are from the portfolio classes, because the classes usually follow a theme. “It’s nice to see how each piece ties into a bigger picture.”