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"Clue" Cast Reveal: Zany Fall Play is Fully Underway

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Kylie Tedeschi '19
10 October 2018

"Clue" cast; photo credit: Kylie Tedeschi As the fall season progresses, Passaic Valley is beginning to see some seasonal highlights from its fantastic array of sports and extracurricular activities. One of the most highly anticipated of these, year after year, is the PV Theater's annual fall production. This year's production is none other than Clue, adapted from the 1985 movie, which was based off of the widely-known board game. 

With the cast having been selected just about a month ago, the past few weeks have consisted of rehearsals and preparation for what seems to be an exciting, different production. Advisor of the Fall Play, Ms. Caren Atamian, is thrilled with the cast picks and loves the dynamics of the lighthearted production chosen this year. "This is a great opportunity for the students to let loose, and do something wild and interesting," she stated.

Clue differs from more recent fall productions in the sensEdit of main characters in "Clue"; photo credit: Marc Garcia e that it is completely comedic. In previous years, the theatre program has put on shows with both comedic and dramatic elements, with some underlying tones of darkness in productions, such as August: Osage County. This year, however, the cast will really be able to explore their comedic range as they put on the zany, manically humorous performance. Ms. Atamian admires the production because, "it really allows the actors to explore many venues of comedy that aren't necessarily based in reality."

The cast ranges from freshmen to seniors, with all levels filling a wide array of roles. Due to the wide range of experience amongst cast members, the production really allows them to mentor one another and pool their talents to make the play the best it can be. 

Marc Ga"Clue" cast list; photo credit: rcia '19, who will be playing one of the lead roles as Mr. Green, fondly summarized his experience thus far: "Since this is my third year of being a part of the fall play, it feels great to see many newcomers join the cast and give them advice about how the process goes," he said. "This show is very light-hearted and zany and gives all of us the opportunity to showcase our version of this iconic production."

Fans of the Passaic Valley Theater Program's productions will be able to see the show live on November 1 - 3 in the auditorium. The cast and crew look forward to putting on a fantastic show! Stay tuned to the Valley Echo for more information as the premiere approaches.