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The Hornet Harmonics Take the Stage

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Hailey Raimo '19
17 October 2018

The Hornet Harmonics! In their second year, the Hornet Harmonics have assembled another stellar group of singers. The a cappella group consists of 16 dedicated and talented students. These amazing talents come from…

Anna Ceka ‘19

Gabriella Volonnino ‘19

Gabriella Rose ‘19

Michela Speller ‘19

Chanelle Garcia ‘19

Samuel Cordero ‘19

Marc Garcia ‘19

Alexander Papasavas ‘19

Jake Son ‘19

Mia Preziosi ‘20

Youanna Sefein-Shenouda ‘20

Brianna Rodriguez ‘20

Ashley Povolo ‘20

Riste Spirov ‘20

Jeannie Alva ‘21

Illuminada Rogers ‘21

Ms. Pia Vanderstreet created the Hornet Harmonics last year, when she was new to the school. She knew that there was already an extracurricular choir, but still wanted to bring something fresh and new to Passaic Valley.

Auditions took place on September 17 and 18 after school. They consisted of an a cappella version of a song picked by Ms. Vanderstreet. They were also asked to repeat certain notes played on the keyboard.

In the future, Pia hopes to bring her a cappella groups  to workshops and to compete in competitions. But right now, she is focused on one thing only: “One of my goals, is to bring new students into the Music Department and allow them to shine and showcase their talents in different ways,” said Vanderstreet.The Hornet Harmonics letting loose; photo credit: Hailey Raimo

The Hornet Harmonics are a diverse group encompassing students from various backgrounds and ages, but their personalities and voices compliment each other beautifully. “Music is the universal language. It doesn’t matter what the actual language is, the emotion will always come through and connect with the listener," said Michela Speller '19. "I feel that we can portray that well. We're a playful bunch, but when we get down to it, we have harmonies that leave pleasant vibrations spilling from the room.”

This a cappella group is excited to show the fun and original music they have prepared. The Hornet Harmonics are currently preparing for their holiday concert where they will perform the National Anthem and "Mary Did You Know," along with a surprise performance they are waiting to reveal at the concert. Ms. Vanderstreet wants to push this group to the next level and feels this is the year to make great strides.