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Clue Allures Audiences with Comedy and Mystery

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Isabella Nicosia '19

Brianna Rodriguez '20

16 November 2018

This year’s fall production, Clue, premiered on the first Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in November (1-3). The audience watched as seven wacky dinner guests, each with a secret, were forced together to solve two mysterious murders.

Clue cast figuring out why they were invited to dinner; photo credit:  Chris Krusberg Ms. Caren Atamian, the Director, had an amazing time working with the cast. She described the characters as “funny, weird, and out of the realm of what would be under realism.” The play was unlike any other production Passaic Valley had ever put on due to the type of humor it showcased. Atamian also added that “it was a good opportunity to stretch the kids in that direction too because doing different types of theater is really what we want to train them for.”

Clue cast after they discover the murder of the Chef; photo credit: Chris Krusberg Wadsworth, the butler, who hosted the whole evening, led the guests from room to room hunting for clues. Mark Huggins, who sported an English accent for the part, lent a sharp wit to his character with his frequent breaks of the fourth wall.

Gabby Rose played Mrs. Peacock, a religious character who harbors many not-so-pious secrects. Rose, who sported a southern accent of her own, played the character wonderfully, highlighting the juxtaposition of her proper character thrown into a scandalous situation.

Mr. Green, played by Marc Garcia, was a quirky presence, often providing commentary for the ridiculousness on stage. In one memorable moment, as all characters hunt for an important clue, Mr. Green hunts for the cat of the house, whose presence he knows exists due to his allergy.

Clue cast dealing with the double murder mystery; photo credit: Chris Krusberg Professor Plum, played by Christopher Perez, served as the image-obsessed, ladies-man of the group. The audience particularly got a kick out of when it is revealed that these flirtations, with which he often targets Miss Scarlett, were his undoing.

Miss Scarlett gave little away throughout the evening, but the viewers could tell that she was up to no good. Lara Mazza-Hillway played the character with confidence and strength, serving as the perfectly grounded counter-balance to the rest of the campy cast.

Colonel Mustard, played by Alex Papasavas, isn't exactly the sharpest of characters. However, Papasavas plays him with such charm, nearly each of his lines were followed by laughter.

Clue cast invited to dinner; photo credit: Chris Krusberg Gabi Volonnino '19 played Ms. White, an older widow with a mysterious past. Her stiff demeanor, uptight attitude, and cold heart led the audience to believe she was guilty of more than she led on.

Volonnino explained that getting into character can sometimes be a challenge, especially when the character is so different than the actor playing the role. But the challenges of live performance are part of the appeal. “It is important to remember that theater is live and things can go awry," said Volonnino. "But we always make the best of it.” 

Each student ended up doing an excellent job of portraying their unique characters and entertaining the crowd.