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Spanish Club Attends Annual Cultural Trip

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Derek Pezo '19
1 December 2018

Audience Dancing with the Performers; Photo Credit; Mrs. Fulya Arici Every year, Mrs. Anna Marie Dolce wants to expose members of the Spanish Club to different Hispanic cultures. On November 15th, she, and chaperone Mrs. Fulya Arici, took the club to the Margaret Williams Theater in Jersey City to watch several dances and performances. Some of the countries represented in this show included Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. Everyone, both students and teachers alike, had a wonderful time dancing along to the variety of cultural music and dances.

Mrs. Dolce recalls the club attending this trip for approximately 15 years. “It's a tradition that we always do in the club, and it is something I would like to continue.” stated Dolce.

In addition, students are able to partake in this cultural experience for free. “The club pays for it all,” explained Dolce. “We use the profits from our brochure sales and from the T-shirts that we sell. The students pay nothing.”

Group Photo of the Spanish Club; Photo Credit: Mrs. Fulya Arici Each performance received a positive reaction from the crowd and the performers enjoyed themselves as well. The complicated dances, coupled with their vibrant outfits, enriched every aspect of the show.

"I think we all enjoyed the show," said Chad Cole '19. "The performers had us all dancing and singing. We all got into it."

One of the reasons Mrs. Dolce takes the club on these trips is to educate students about different Hispanic cultures and traditions around the world. “I want them to be aware of the culture, the music, and even the history of these countries that performed," she explained. "It just makes them appreciate Hispanic countries more I think.”

Along with watching the dances, the club planned to dine at the Margaritas Restaurant in the Willowbrook Mall. Unfortunately, the snowstorm that day forced the club to return to school.Hispanic Dancers; Photo Credit: Mrs. Fulya Arici

Later this year, the Spanish Club plans to participate in Toys 4 Tots along with the Adopt a School Letter Project, which will consist of students writing letters to children in Peru.

“We always have something going on in the club. It’s good to keep the students busy throughout the year,” said Dolce.