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Future Medical Professionals Invite Guest Speaker, Rammey Arsheed, to Share His Story

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Maryam Ahmed '19
17 December 2018

On Thursday, December 6th, the Future Medical Professionals Club (FMPC) invited Rammey Arsheed, an alumnus, to speak about life in the medical field. Arsheed went in depth about his college experience and the work effort required for a career in the field. He specifically spoke about how he became a chiropractor. Rammey Arsheed speaking to students of the Future Medical Professionals Club; photo credit: Dr. Susanne Iobst

Struggling throughout high school, Arsheed was convinced that he wouldn't be able to graduate and move on to college. However, Arsheed was admitted to Montclair State University, where he majored in Biology and received his bachelor's degree.

After receiving his degree he shadowed quite a few occupations, such as dentistry and the restaurant business. While exploring into these different professions, he didn't think these careers were the right fit for him. 

One way Arsheed took his mind off of his studies was to go snowboarding with a couple of his friends. What soon became an ideal hobby of his, turned into a painful experience.  A snowboarding accident led Arsheed to a chiropractor. The chiropractor informed him that he will not be able to walk for a while. After months of treatment, Arsheed was back on his feet and fell in love with how the chiropractor healed him.

As Arsheed became fascinated with the job, he attended Life University in Georgia to continue his growing passion for the occupation. Afterwards, he completed his medical boards exam Students of the Future Medical Professionals Club; photo credit: Dr. Susanne Iobst and studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain. Arsheed, now works at a chiropractic office in Paramus, NJ, treating a large number of patients, including teachers from PV. "It is most important to surround yourself with positive people," Arsheed said. "Without my friends and family, I would have not become who I am today."

Arsheed's discussion was huge relief for students who believed, to get into the medical field, they had to have it all figured out. "I think he influenced the students in such a positive way," Treasurer of FMPC, Nada Omran '19, remarked. "He assured them that it is completely fine to not know what you want to do right now." 

The Secretary of FMPC, Anna Hosri '19, believed that he showed other available options in addition to becoming a doctor, which sometimes takes all of the spotlight. "It was a great opportunity for students that want to go into the medical field," Hosri said. "It was enjoyable to listen to him speak about his experience as well." 

Students had a lot to say after Arsheed explained his approach. "He was extremely helpful in expanding my understandings of the functions of a chiropractor," Samiha Allan '20 noted.

Another student added that he inspired her after he shared the rough times he went through during his years of schooling, changing his major several times. "He motivated me to try my best, since I'm going into the nursing field, which is very difficult." Annalisse Pluas '19 said.

For FMPC Advisor Dr. Susanne Iobst, one of the biggest benefits was showing how life and the pursuit of a career in the medical field can be unpredictable. "Sometimes life will lead you down to different paths," the advisor of FMPC, Dr. Susanne Iobst said. "I think the way Rammey interpreted it was very influential to the students overall."