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Green's Flag Rises After an Unforgettable Girls' Show

Valley Echo Banner  Bushra Choudhury'19 & Isabella Nicosia'19 & Brianna Rodriguez'20
8 March 2019

On Friday, March 1st, after an incredibly close competition, the 74th annual Girls’ Show ended with a green flag rising for the night. This year, the Green Team claimed victories in Cheer, Exercise (X), Dance, Novelties, and Posters, and the White Team took home the flag for relays. From the exceptional routines to the athleticism and sportsmanship of the participants, audiences were completely spellbound by the inexhaustible variety this year’s Girls’ Show brought. Regardless of the results, all participants were successful in showing the time and dedication put into the event on the floor that night, reminding everyone of the tenacity and commitmenAlyssa Minnella Introducing Girl's Show 2019 t that keeps this tradition going.

Girls' Show President Alyssa Minnella '19 chose this year's theme:  “Anything is Possible". The empowering theme not only tied in with the meaning of Girls’ Show, but also served as a statement with universal applications. “In respect to the show, the girls can create an amazing routine with new tricks and showstoppers and anyone can win,” began Minnella. “ But the bigger message behind the theme is that for women in the world, no matter who doubts them or tells them ‘no’, they can achieve their dreams and goals.”

Minnella’s words held true as over a thousand people filled up the gym, not knowing what was in store for the night. Hanging from the ceiling were the brilliantly crafted Green and White posters that took the three themes of the corresponding colors' main events and composed two cohesive pieces. The aesthetically pleasing posters not only showcased the creativity and artistic ability of the girls involved but demonstrated once again how Girls’ Show provides an outlet for the girls of this school to display their various talents.

White X, Mission Impossible; photo credit:  Chris Krusberg Green X, Queen; photo credit: Chris Krusberg This year’s Exercise (X) routines were nothing short of excellent. White X portrayed Ethan Hunt from blockbuster Mission Impossible, and Green X brought the band Queen to life. From the well-executed v-ups to the breathtaking triangle pushups, both teams left spectators on the edge of their seats from walk-on to walk-off. The final outcome was a victory for Green X.

White Dance, Medusa: photo credit: Chris Krusberg Green Dance, Catwoman; photo credit: Chris Krusberg For Dance this year, both teams reached new levels of inventiveness, surpassing everyone’s expectations. Both teams chose themes of fierce females as White Dance portrayed the Greek mythological figure Medusa, and Green Dance portrayed DC’s Catwoman. Not only did both routines do justice for their iconic themes, but they pushed the boundaries of what’s been traditionally done for Dance. In the end, Green took home a victory for dance.

Green Cheer, NY Yankees; photo credit: Chris Krusberg White Cheer, Rock of Ages; photo credit: Chris Krusberg The last group to perform for the night was Cheer, having already done two routines before the highly anticipated pom. White Cheer rocked the gym floor with their theme Rock of Ages, while Green Cheer took the crowd to the ball game with their theme the New York Yankees. Both teams had the audience engaged and enraptured throughout the evening with their phenomenal stunts and enthusiasm. At the end of the night, the Green flag rose for Cheer.

Mrs. Dellanno; photo credit: Chris Krusberg Girls’ Show is the most anticipated event of the year for PV. For 4 months, these girls work hard to make sure their performances are unforgettable. Mrs. Kathleen Dellanno, Director of Girls’ Show, knows this excitement can cause intense highs and lows. “All the teams were so talented as usual, so I had confidence that it would be a great show, but I also knew the disappointment would be greater too,” she said.

Ms. Jamie Peters, a Girls’ Show advisor, believes this year to be unlike any other previous Girls’ Show. “I think all teams were so entertaining and the quality of their routines were on a different level," she shared. "This was probably one of the best shows because every team upped their game, but from an advisor’s standpoint the girls were excellent and so cooperative and energetic. It was a calm and lovely year.”

To determine the winner of each event, the routines are judged on costumes, routines, precision, enthusiasm and music. Five judges, who have background knowledge in cheering, exercise, and dance, are hired to judge each performance and divide the points among the teams. Given to each of the judges is a document which outlines the categories, along with their elements, and explains the technique, execution, and showmanship.

Green and White celebrating their performances together; photo credit: Chris Krusberg After the judges individually record and divide the points, the winner for each event is decided. Using the score sheets as a guide, each judge records her points and her choice for "Green" or "White" for the main events as well as Posters. From there, the judges' choices are tallied.

Determining the flag for the night has its own algorithm as well. The main events (Cheer, Dance, and Exercise) are each worth two points. Relays and Novelties are each worth one point, and Posters is worth half a point. The team that accrues the most points is the winner at the end of the night.

Green and White chiefs thanking Mrs. Dellanno and other GS advisors and judges; photo credit: Chris Krusberg Green Chief Kadie Cathcart '19 was happy to see, through her role as chief, how the event pushed everyone to be their best and the success that came along with it. "This year's Girls' Show has shown to the community of Passaic Valley just how much talent lies within the framework of this school," began Cathcart. "Regardless of flag or opinion, every team has shown that hard work, determination, and commitment are at the cornerstones of Girls' Show. This show exceeded all expectations and I would like to congratulate both teams, as well as every person who made this event possible, on a fabulous performance and unforgettable season."

White Chief Gianna Trapanese '19 was also pleased with the show everyone put on and the level of showmanship among all participants. "Proud is definitely an understatement, and the level of hard work and dedication all teams put into their routines never fails to amaze me," Trapanese stated. "Everyone left their hearts on the floor that night, and it's definitely a source of pride to say I was apart of it all."

At the end of the day, it is important that we understand what it means to be apart of Girls' Show and the time that is put into the event. From the time heads are declared in June, participants are working non-stop to come up with a theme, routine, music, costumes, and more. After teams are selected in November, participants practice nearly every day for the show, making it very time-consuming. While with average sports, there are multiple games or matches, for Girls' Show, there is only one night the months of practicing lead to, which is why a "loss" can be devastating. However, regardless of which flags went up, all the girls involved once again gave us a fantastic Girls' Show, and their talent and commitment to one of Passaic Valley's oldest traditions is something that should be recognized.